Friday, July 9, 2010

"I'm ready go to pool!"

I was finalizing our grocery list this morning in the kitchen while Rylie was playing in her playroom. Then I heard her coming down the stairs & exclaim, "I'm ready go to pool!" I quickly think "Did she really put her swimsuit on herself?" as I turned around & saw this instead....

She was so proud of herself with her 2 purses on 1 arm & another purse Mimi's friend Janie gave (made?) her on her head!

I guess she's so used to seeing Mommy carry several bags at one time, she thought it was the natural thing to do! lol

I love my silly girl! Sadly we didnt make it to the pool today-first day in awhile without rain too! But she was happy to go with Mommy to our favorite store-Target for some groceries! She decided to leave her purses at home though. ;-)
Have a good weekend everybody!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Just as cute as always. Glad I had a chance to catch up. I'm loving all the stories about her toddler bed and places you find her asleep. We aren't far from that I'm sure:)