Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Bad Day of School

I'm going to skip Old School Saturday post this week because our computer has been having problems lately so I'm just getting it fixed & needing to catch up!

Well I blog about every other "first" in Rylie's life, so I figured I might as well include her first bad day of school. So last Thursday, I picked up Rylie from school & her teacher told me she had a little accident an hour earlier. Apparently during a dance/music time another kid's head butted with Rylies lip. =( It was very big & swollen & purple when I picked her up & she'd just finished crying it looked. She wouldn't even talk or move her mouth, but held up her arms for me to hold her.

I took a few pictures when we got home & she just looked sadder than I'd ever seen. It's hard to see, but the 2nd picture shows her top lip swollen. Then I looked at her paper from her school day & they'd written she had a potty accident that morning. I dont know why she would've had an accident at school. She hasnt had 1 there in many months, but I'm honestly wondering if having a new teacher is just throwing her off. Regardless, this wasn't a great day for our Rylie! She just came home, got her lovey & laid down. When David got home she still wouldn't say anything. She didnt want to eat dinner, but just played with her food. We thought she could use some cheering up, so (dont judge us!) we took her to get some frozen yogurt.

She just had a little bit of chocolate with m&m's since she didnt even eat dinner, but she did eat good all day at school. She finally perked up for us & started talking!

I know we all have these days here & there. I was just so sad for Rylie last Thursday! It's not fun to watch your little one having bad days like this, but her lip is better now & next week will hopefully be much better for her!

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