Monday, July 12, 2010

The Circus: Zing! Zang! Zoom!

We had ourselves a busy Saturday! We decided kinda last-minute Friday night to take Rylie to the circus this past Saturday. Our weekend plans had changed so turned out this would be our only chance to take her.

We attended the 1130 show & arrived an hour early for the preshow & Rylie was able to get close to see all the animals! We didnt tell her where we were taking her-just that she'd see elephants. I think she thought we were going to the zoo because she kept asking to ride the train! lol She was very excited about the elephants too!

This was Rylie's first ever show she's ever gone to see. She did very well sitting in her seat & occasionally had to sit in our laps to see better. We had great seats though-just tall people in front of us. lol

I love the skydancers--is that what they're called?

Floating people...I've always wanted to do this!

Always gotta cut someone in half!

The puppies were another of Rylie's favorite! They did some cute little tricks.

These acrobats were on these 2 platforms that were swaying very fast from side to side & they did a lot of neat flips & stuff on them while it was moving. Well, one of them fell off & didnt land on the mat & it wasn't "part of the routine." They had to get medic in & carry him out but they announced after the show he was ok. Scary though!

Tightrope tricks! Very nerve-wrenching to watch....especially after that one guy already fell earlier!

Elephants! Rylie's favorite.

Tigers! Another of Rylie's favorite. She kept saying "Big meow!" hehe

The grand finale! They did a bunch of other little tricks in between. I took way too many pictures & it's taken me the past 2 days to edit & upload them! lol We had a great time at the circus & Rylie had a blast!

We went to Mimi's house after the circus where Rylie spent the night & I have a lot of pictures from that, but I'll have to upload them tomorrow. =/


Becca - said...

Fun Fun! Kendall loved the elephants & tigers the most too! We had a great time too & were at the same exact show as ya'll!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Super cute! Can't wait til Savi is ready for stuff like that:)