Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Run Around & Big Girl Bed!

Saturday we took Rylie over to her Mimi's house. She hasnt been in over a month since Mimi's been goin to Lubbock a lot lately. We were glad to have 1 weekend to squeeze in a visit. Rylie has her own big yellow box of toys over there & of course loves Mimi's big lighthouse! Mimi had a surprise for Rylie too-a new apron to wear for them to cook together!
Aint it adorable?!!

Rylie stayed at Mimi's while David & I grabbed some appetizers on the patio of this Cafe Adobe. I've never been to one before & it's probably my new favorite place! Southwest eggrolls to die for! This cute little restaurant/shopping area is right by a big movie theater. David & I went to see Killers & loved it!

I wanna go see it again right away! hehe

On Sunday David picked up Rylie from her Mimi's after he worked at the church & we took her to get a haircut. As you can see it was badly needed!

When the lady put her hair up in this clips, Rylie looked in the mirror & said "I so bootiful!" ha!

Haircut after picture! The stylist put her hair up in these cute braids-might have to be a new style we do regularly! It was precious on her!

Rylie'd asked all morning to go ride the horsy when we told her she'd get a haicut. She remembered that carousel was there! She actually picked a bunny to ride on tho. Then we swung into the Disney store to "visit" Ariel. David snuck a few things for her birthday without her seeing. He looked so cute at the checkout holding all this Ariel stuff! lol

Then we grabbed a quick scoop of ice cream & headed home, where Rylie fell asleep! She was still asleep when we got home so I put her on our bed. Then David & I transformed her crib into a toddler bed!

Sorry these pictures are blurry. =/ I didnt realize until I uploaded them. We decided to go ahead with the switch because Rylie's been tryin to climb into her bed (never out of-she's too short still). But she would get mad & wouldn't let us pick her up to put her into her bed. She's so independent right now & wants to get into her bed (and the car...and her highchair...and her stroller...etc) all by herself. She's also gotten really good about going to the potty by herself. She wont even tell us-she'll just go into her bathroom & next thing we know we hear the toilet flushing & she washes her hands by herself real good. So it just felt like the right time for us to make this switch! At first she was scared of her new bed when we showed her after nap yesterday. lol Then at bedtime she was so happy to climb in herself. She stayed in good all night & just came on downstairs this morning when she woke up! When I was tryin to get her dressed in her room later though, all she wanted to do was climb in & out of her bed & after several "one more time's!" later I finally got her to calm down. She loves her new big girl bed & I'm just hoping this will be a smooth transition for us!


Becca - said...

Yay for the big girl bed. I've wondered what the transformed crib to toddler bed looked like. Now, I know. I bet she loves it. So cute!!

Rosie said...

She's growing up so fast huh?

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

What a fun day! Cute hair do:) Congrats on the bed change, tell me all the tricks and tips...I'll need them for Savi:)

prashant said...

So cute!!
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