Monday, June 28, 2010

Toddler Bed Adventures

We've certainly had some adventures lately with Rylie being in her toddler bed! First lemme just tell yall this funny story that happened yesterday. Yes, another potty story....skip this part if you want. Rylie's been doing really good about going #2 in the potty lately & getting stickers to earn a big Ariel toy. Yesterday David put her down for a nap & she kept getting outta bed. He went to check on her & she'd taken her pullup off. She said she went "poopoo potty" & pointed & showed him. So we're all praising her & she's so excited. Then we asked where she put her pullup & she pointed to the trash can. So we checked & there it was.....with a little #2 in it. We figured out poor thing didnt make it to the potty, went #2 in her pullup & must've felt bad so she took off her pullup & dumped "it" in her potty & put the pullup in the trash. I cant believe she came up with all that on her own. We had to give her A for effort! She got a tiny sticker instead of a big one. At least she tried! lol

After cleaning up, it was back in bed for nap.......or we thought. I kept hearing her get up again, so I went to check on her & found this....

She'd taken off all her clothes, but kept the pullup on! She threw lovey (on the right in the stair rail) over the gate & was whining for it back. That's also a shirt from her closet that she must've pulled out & threw overboard as well.

Apparently she grabbed some socks from her dresser & put those on with these pink shoes from last Fall!

And all these clothes came from her closet, sunglasses, lots of Ariel shoes out, & some books from her shelf.
I guess she was having herself a little dressup party!

And then she gave me this look "Please let me out, Mommy?" We had to put this gate up to keep her from going to her playroom during naptime. She finally did take a short nap late yesterday afternoon! Some days we have great, perfect naps. Other times it's harder.

THEN this morning David was leaving for work at 6:30 & woke me up to tell me Rylie was sleeping on the living room floor outside our room!

This picture is a reinactment photo. He asked me if I wanted her to come in bed with me & I said "No, put her in her own bed." He came back & said "She's asleep hardcore & aint moving. I'm going to leave her out there." lol So I wanted to get up & take a picture but she woke up then & came into my room. Poor girl probably just fell asleep very early this morning on her way to Mommy & Daddy's room! I dont know what time she went downstairs, but she told me this morning "Rylie sleep floor." lol

It's definitely been adventurous lately! I remember reading all these cute stories of kiddos not sleeping in their bed after converting to a toddler one & being so afraid to move Rylie into hers, but it's really been fine. Hope this doesnt scare anyone into moving their child up. We still absolutely love having her in the toddler bed & I didnt think it would be as smooth as it's been honestly. She couldn't stay in her crib forever & I think soon it'll be even easier once she gets more used to it.


Rosie said...

She is so funny! lol.

EMonaghan said...

After reading this, Caiden's going to stay in a crib until he's 10!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Haha Erin you're too funny! I guess I shoulda mentioned she made no mess in the process of the #2 story-amazingly so it wasnt bad at all. We now keep the gate up overnight too so she stays in her room until morning!