Friday, June 18, 2010

Swim Playdate at Kate's!

This morning Rylie met up with some friends at Kate's house for a nice swim in this humid Houston weather!
We seriously left the house at 9am & it was already sooooo hot & humid! Perfect day for a dip in the pool! Rylie was so excited to go after I told her last night about it, she woke me up early with her pj's on & sandals saying "Wake up, Mommy! Time to go to Kate's house! Time to go to pool!" lol Needless to say we were the first to arrive!

This is Kate's new baby sister-about 2 months old. Aint she the cutest in her watermelon romper? She got to lounge in her swing by the fan while the kiddos swam.

All of Rylie's friends are doin swim lessons right now & were doing great swimming practically on their own, but Rylie wanted to be independent & doesnt swim on her own so she stayed on the steps in the shallow water most of the time playing with toys! (Her swimsuit's from last year too-a few still fit now that we're done with swim diapers!)

Miss Kate showing us her swimming skills

Rylie finally decided she wanted to wear Owens arm floaties since he & Cady had them on most of the morning. She still wouldnt' swim out in the water though or let me hold her though.

"Hey! Look, Mom!" She just wanted to splash alot!

Cady & Rylie splashing around!

Then Rylie fell & Cady was gettin ready to jump on in!

Cady swam real good with her foaties on her own & every time she'd jump in the water Rylie would clap & say "Good job, Cady!"

Rylie wore herself out playing with friends today. Thanks again miss Tiffany & Kate for letting us come play! Rylie's taking a good nap right now & we've got our usual family night with pizza & a movie tonight! Hope you all have a good Father's Day weekend!


Becca - said...

What fun!! The kids looked like they had a blast. We hated to miss out! Maybe next time!! The picture of Ella is adorable!!

prashant said...

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