Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Storm Season

David had to work at the church Sunday morning, so it was just Rylie & I eating breakfast together. I was really sad about the news of Paw Paw the night before & Rylie said outta the blue "Go church hallelujah?" I looked at the clock & said "Ok! We can still make it. Let's go Rylie!" So we quickly got dressed & ready & still had 30 minutes before we had to leave to catch the last service of a local church we visit. Then I thought if we leave now we can catch the last service at David's church downtown!

So I printed a mapquest real quick & we headed on! Rylie was so happy to go to the big church! We stopped by Daddy's work room there to say hi & surprise him but then she didnt want to leave. So we sat & watched the service from there. Rylie got a little lesson in the audio board too!

Everybody's always asking me what is it David does when he works at the church on weekends, so here ya go! He directs the production crew on recording video of all the services that broadcast on TV. They also sell the videos of the services. They have 4 camera operators, a director, an audio board guy, and an engineer on hand to make sure all the shots are in focus & white-balanced. It's pretty cool. He's been doin this for years-long before he knew me! And occassionaly he works weddings on Saturdays doing video up there too.

Rylie & Daddy at his work

After service we went to the Village for lunch & tried a new place for us-Black Walnut Cafe. It did not disappoint! Probably the best chicken salad I've ever had!

And Rylie was so good too! Ate her mac & cheese like a big girl & then asked for her colors! I think our break from eating out the past few weeks has done her good!

So here's a funny story about our Sunday. It's long-I'm sorry.
 After Rylie's nap we all went to our neighborhood pool & would ya know it I forgot my camera?! So no pictures from that. We came back home & all got showers. Then David ran out to HEB real quick & was goin to pick us up some dinner to go. Rylie was watching Ariel while I was starting laundry & cleaning up the kitchen & talking on the phone with my mom. Then David called so I switched lines over & he asked me to check the weather on TV because HEB wasn't letting people out saying there was a tornado out that way (10 min down the road). This completely took me by surprise-we had perfect weather all day & I didnt remember any chance of storm this weekend. I checked the TV & no station had anything on weather. Then I looked outside & couldn't believe how fast the sky had changed. It was green & there were thick, dark clouds out, and lightning started. I could see tree limbs flying around. The wind was really strong. So David said he'd stay put for awhile & I switched back over to my mom. I told her what was goin on. I was standing in the kitchen by our sink & there's a window right above it. I heard this loud thud above me like from Rylie's room (right above the kitchen) & it even echoed on the baby monitor. I thought Rylie had gone upstairs & slammed a door or something but I turned around & she was standing right behind me. Then I looked outside that kitchen window & saw a huge tree branch fall to the ground from the roof. I yelled on the phone "I'll call you back mom!" lol Then I ran outside to put some things in our garage. Rylie's bounce house was still out, etc. The wind was crazy! The sky looked so bizarre. Had I not gotten that call from David I would've thought it was just another storm, but I didnt know what was going on at that point. We dont have tornado sirens here so one could've touched down & we probably wouldn't have known it. So I go back inside & still nothing on weather on TV. So I figured-better be safe than sorry. I grabbed a few blankets, Rylie's toys, cheerios, flashlights, & my laptop & we sat in the center-most point in our house, the half bathroom. I was trying to remember what our weather guy Andy Wallace said back in Waco-DUCK (downstairs, underneath something like a mattress or table, cover up with a blanket, keep away from windows) during tornado season.

So there we were-just hanging out until we heard anything! I tried to pull up weather on my laptop & found a national weather service issued a strong thunderstorm warning with strong winds, lightning & hail for our exact location. Of course it didnt help my nerves that this warning was shown with a picture of a tornado! lol Soon after David came home & was like "What are yall doing in the bathroom?!" haha I was like "What do you mean what are we doing?? You said there could've been a tornado out there! I'm taking cover!" lol So we checked weather on TV again & finally they said it would only be a regular thunderstorm. I felt much better. So we got outta the bathroom & started eating our dinner David still managed to get & the power goes out! Good thing I still had the flashlights out. So we sat & just waited & waited for it to come back on. Rylie didnt understand why we couldn't watch Ariel. lol

Finally it came back on! That's when we noticed this lovely leak in our master bedroom! So roof repairs are cheap right? HAHA We didnt want to take a vacation this year, did we? So this was our fun-filled kickoff to Texas storm season! They're predicting an active hurricane season this year too. So needless to say I'm looking forward for this Summer to be over already! October, please hurry!


Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

I bet David laughed so hard seeing you cooped up in the bathroom during a rain storm! Too Funny! Better safe than sorry!

Ashlee McCrary said...

well it was certainly more than just a rainstorm! still cant believe our pool's closed from lightning strikes that night. it was crazy!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I hate thunderstorms now. All I think about is poor Savi being scared and how much the damage might cost us...lol!

~Shelly~ said...

its bc ur weather man is gone on the bachelorette! lol jk