Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Space Center Houston

On Monday, David took off work & we spent another family day together. Our hotel came with passes to the Space Center Houston down the street so we took Rylie! We told her she'd see lots of "airplanes" since the spaceships look like that to her & she was excited!

First we got in our swimsuits & went down to breakfast! I'm just so in love with her new yellow swimsuit I bought last week at Old Navy ($5 with coupon!) mostly because it fits her perfect! That's hard to find right now for her.

She looked like such a big girl at breakfast eating her cereal-her new favorite breakfast food!

Then we went to the pool for a quick dip!

And got dressed for the Space Center Houston!

"Airplanes" at the entrance!

Our first stop was the giftshop to get Rylie a toy "airplane." Oh was she in heaven! She'd fly it around making the motor sound-so cute!

Then Rylie got to ride this motor car thing. She's really too little to do most of it, but she got to control this car thingy with the handles & had fun doing that! We watched this guy on this bicycle ride-he had to peddle & try to reach all the way up to the top to circle back down. He got so close, but didnt make it!

We saw a LOT of neat exhibits! And we watched a short show on the history of NASA. I found it very interesting & Rylie actually sat through it. In the filming room was this podium that Kennedy actually stood at in Rice University in 1962 reiterating US's challenge to go to the moon!

After the show we saw a private exhibit of really neat stuff! We saw actual moon rocks & this mock exhibit showing what the surface of the moon looks like--see tiny little Earth in the sky distance on the left image?

Then we looked at more exhibits outside! Rylie found out she weighs 10 lbs on Jupiter! And finally she got to go inside the play area! We saved that for last because we knew we wouldn't be able to pry her away after!

Daddy went in with her & she got on the big windy slide several times before it was time to go! She had a lot of fun! I recommend this to anyone & kids under 4 are FREE! (It's also cheaper if you buy tickets online vs at the door!)

After Space Center we drove down the road to our FAVORITE restaurant Cheddars! We finally got one a little closer to us, but still we dont get to go very often. There was a terrible storm that broke out as we left lunch tho. Pouring down rain & very loud thunder. I was tryin to run Rylie out to the car with an umbrella when lightning struck just behind us behind the restaurant. It made the most awful noise & scared me half to death, I squeezed my to-go cup I had & spilt my tea all over! lol It was still a really great day & was an awesome weekend with my little family celebrating David's big 3-0!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love that swimsuit! Great price..may have to go look for Savi there! The museum does look fun. Glad you guys had a great family day!