Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sick Little Ariel Princess

Rylie woke up yesterday morning with 101 temp. She climbed into bed with me at 6:30 & then at 7am told me to take her temperature. Then she told me she didnt want to go to school & she wanted to stay home with Mommy. So that's what she did! We started meds right away. She's acted perfectly fine all morning-no symptoms-just like she had last month.

She's just been taking it easy, drinking lots of apple Pedialyte, and watching her favorite Veggie Tales, Aladdin, & Ariel! I put on her Ariel shirt thinking it'd help make her feel better. We got it at the Disney store for $5 awhile back & then this past weekend the flip flops were on clearance $3 & sunglasses were only $2 & the cup was $5. Cant beat those prices! And they had lots of different color/styles.

Cute Ariel sunglasses! I bought them all a little big hoping they'll fit next Spring as well.
Anyways, Rylie's just snacked all day & took a very good nap in her bed.
I ended up getting some Mission Burrito dinner to-go to help with a local fundraiser Mothers Against Cancer was doing. All this time this place has been just 10 minutes away & we've never tried it. It was good, but I think we should try again at the restaurant. Probably tastes better than waiting 15 minutes to eat it. lol

Anyways, there's some cute videos on my YouTube I meant to include in Rylie's baseball post, but they were on another camera & I forgot about them. After playing baseball outside & getting a bath, Rylie got a special message from Toy Story's Woody! I found this packet in her Huggies Nighttime Pullups bag with princess stickers & a code to get a message from a Disney character. They only had Woody & the new Princess Tiana on there. I forgot the code & threw away the paper or else I'd share it, but if you wanna view Rylie's you can visit our link There's 2 on there.


Rosie said...

I hope she stays feeling better!

EMonaghan said...

hey just saw this and thought of you. check it out
I'm sorry Rylie isn'tfeeling well!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Thank you Rosie & Erin!

I LOVE that party site! That's the exact words I've already done on Rylie's invites too. How cute! I love their handmade tails too. Awesome ideas! I've tried those sushi sandwiches in the past & they're so much harder than they look to make! haha