Monday, June 28, 2010

Santa's Late Christmas Present

I'm late posting these pictures, but Rylie's swingset is finally complete! We've had it for awhile now, I've just not taken pictures. This was supposed to be her gift from Santa this past Christmas, but things just came up & we simply weren't able to do it. So finally this Spring we made it happen!

Rylie loves it. We love it. Her friends come over & love it. Every penny worth it. My favorite is the little attached table bar in the front. It's got a place to put a sandbox unde the slide too, but it's not our kinda thing.

Rylie's favorite is the big slide! She's way outgrown her little bitty slide she's had. This one will last for years!

So thank you Santa for the "late delivery!" (Wink, wink) Rylie's a very happy little girl & we've already gotten tons of use outta this thing!

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