Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rylie's Little Buddies

Yesterday Rylie had a few of her buddies over to play. We thought if we scheduled this early in the morning, we'd beat the heat. Well, we did but not the humidity! Cady came over first & the girls ran around the yard, on & off the swingset a bunch, jumped in Rylie's bounce house, played in the playhouse. And they were a dripping sweaty mess. Poor things were so hot! The air was extremely thick & it was only high 80's at that point.

Rylie finally started riding her bike all on her own Sunday! She's been able to reach the pedals for like a year but never reached enough to be able to push enough & ride it all on her own until now! No more pushing or help from Mommy & Daddy! I meant to get video but didnt have that camera out.

Miss Cady cupcake on the phone!

We ended up moving playtime inside & Owen joined us too! They were really running around so I only took these 4 pictures total. We had a lot of fun playing with our friends & went to a quick lunch as well before naptime. I think next time we'll just put out sprinklers in the backyard! lol Houston humidity is not something we like to battle!

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Julee Casey said...

Ugh!! Sorry the weather wasn't pleasant!! I am sure the kids didn't mind. They are all so precious and Charlotte can't wait to get home to play with all of them!!