Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rylie's June Updates

Just some newest updates with our little sweetie pie!

*Her new thing is she loves everything. She'll be playing with Ariel & tell her "I love you Ariel!"
*On her Kindermusik cd's I've taught her what the piano sounds & flute sounds are. She now knows the difference & recognizes them. One day we were out & about & she heard a piano playing somewhere & kept saying something I thought was "peanut" & couldn't figure out what she was talking about. Then I realized she was saying "piano!" She was telling me she heard a piano!
*She recognizes bout every letter of the alphabet-both upper & lower case. Maybe 4 she's not 100% on (they're lowercase).
*Potty progrss-we've had some problems for awhile now with going #2. She's been fine with #1 & I honestly dont remember her last accident with that. She still sleeps & naps in pullups-just not wanting to deal with panties at that point yet. But she's gotten completely terrified of going #2 on the potty. I dont know why-she was going just fine for awhile & then stopped. We've been to the Dr-they said try suppositories. So far it's not working. We think it's just something she'll have to outgrow. She just waits for naptime or bedtime for a pullup (or like last Friday for a swim diaper to be on!) to go. Lots of kids in her class at school are the same way her teacher says so we're not too worried right now.

*She's freakin obsessed with those white flip flops she has! She wakes up "white shoes?" We're headin out somewhere "Get white shoes on!" We're goin to sleep at night "Where white shoes bed?" LOL I dont get it!
*Her favorite movies now are (still) Veggie Tales & she knows all the characters to Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, & Aladdin. And NO she doesnt watch TV all day. I dont even let her watch any TV until after nap & then it's only 1-2 of her movies. She just soaks up everything like a sponge!
*Her favorite phrases now are "I dont know half!" (not sure what that means lol) "Be quiet, Mommy. Ok, Mommy? Shhhh!" (she gets in trouble for that one-it's not nice) "I'm ok, Mommy! Ok, Mommy?!" (hehe!) "How are you Daddy!!!" (so sweet) She says "Ok?!!!" a lot with everything too

*Her lovey goes everywhere. She's more attached to it now than ever. As soon as she gets a booboo or we tell her no to something-she cries for her lovey & clings to it nonstop. We're tryin to ease off it. We dont want her throwing a fit on the first day of Kindergarten because lovey cant go with her. lol
*She loves goin outside & currently sliding, swinging & swimming! NON. STOP.
*She's in love with lighthouses (see pictures shown), butterflies (still from the caterpillar book), fish, mermaids, and still airplanes!
*She recognizes her name when she sees it. I'm not talkin about she's memorized places it's written. I write her name in random places all the time to test her & she knows the letters & basically reads her name!
*Booboos are major drama right now! The littlest bump gets big wails now.
*She likes to mimick people's motions. She'll see someone standing a certain way & go stand beside them & put her arms & legs exactly how the other person's are. Her teachers tell me she does this at school mimicking them. lol

I think that's about it for us lately! Sorry for being so wordy-I know yall just mostly like the pictures. This is just for my memory tho! I wanna remember everything about every stage she goes through!


Rosie said...

I like reading about this. She is such an adorable character!

grandma said...

do you think she might be saying "I don't know that" Cute pictures with the lighthouses. I think i have the same ones in my bathroom! Got mine at Dollartree.