Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Potty & Bed Updates

Yesterday we grabbed a quick lunch at Chick Fil A with our friends Becca & Kendall! Rylie was smiling away so I took a few pictures while we waited on our friends to get there.

Rylie loves taking her purses filled with her favorite toys everywhere now! She says she's "just [like] Mommy!"

Kendall & Rylie always get so excited to see each other at lunch! They hadnt done lunch in over a week now & Rylie'd been asking to see Kendall. They each had wrappers to something & were sliding them across the table saying "choo choo!" I guess they were playing trains!

Not the best picture because of lighting from the window, but still cute! Kendall was cheesin so big!

Rylie & I actually spent most of the time in the potty there & had to dart out quickly to head home. (Yes, I'm goin to blog about this because I want to remember this big step up!) Like I've said before Rylie's had some problems going #2 lately. She's just deathly afraid of it for some reason. I mean I've never heard her scream for dear life like that before & we've just been puzzled as to what had caused it all of a sudden or what to do to fix it. But she kept saying she had to go potty while at lunch but then she'd refuse to go once we got there. So we finally just headed home. She immediatley walked up to her bathroom & said she was goin potty. I gave her some space & stood in her room & then she yelled "Look! Poopoo potty!" YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! She finally went!!!! Oh how happy I was! =D Finally after all these weeks struggling with this, we got some light at the end of the tunnel! I praised her big time & gave her a brownie & sticker & she was so excited! She then wanted to go poopoo all night to get more stickers! lol

Now for the toddler bed update--naptime yesterday wasn't the best. She kept getting out of bed to get her books & bring them back to bed. Then she kept coming downstairs to me. And one time she took herself to the potty all on her own! Needless to say though, no napping actually took place. So that will take some time. Bedtime last night went great. Since no nap happened, she went down at 745! She didnt want to go to bed, but she still stayed in there & fell fast asleep. She came down & got in bed with me early this morning. It was sweet she actually wanted to snuggle & then she got up & pulled my hand & said "Up Mommy!" hehe She even brought me my glasses too.

So far we're loving this new toddler bed--if we can just get naps under control! Here's some pictures of Rylie this morning for her school's crazy hair day! It was all I could think to do with her hair & still be easy for her all day. Her friend Celia had her hair the same way too!


~Shelly~ said...

yay for going poo poo!!! kinley loves to go now LOL so hilarious!
its gotta be weird tho to them. at least they wont remember it :)
our girls are just getting to be too big!

prashant said...

its so hilarious!!!!!!!!
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