Saturday, June 19, 2010

Old School Saturday-Summer Jetskiing!

Summer officially starts on Monday & one of our favorite Summer things to do is take David's dad's jetski out on the lakes! We used to do this a lot when we were just dating. Above is us on Lake Whitney (our fav lake!) on June 18, 2006

And here we are June 23, 2007 That Summer the lake was sooo high we couldn't even do our usual cooking & eating out there because the tables were all underwater!

And that's David swimming out to rescue the jetski that came lose while we were eating in the car! lol

We havent been doin much jetskiing since Rylie's been born because she's just been too little to take out on the lake in the Texas heat. We usually go to their lakehouse on Livingston for 4th of July & last year it was over 100 out so we just did a short boat ride. I actually get very seasick on boats, so the jetski is perfect for me. I prefer it! We're headin to the lakehouse tomorrow for Father's Day & hopefully this 4th of July we can take Rylie on the jetski for the first time too!

Are you guys fans of boats/jetskis on the lake? Got any favorite Summer activities you're looking forward to this year?

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Becca - said...

Awww, I love Lake Whitney too. I went there all the time as a kid. My Aunt's family has a lake house there. What fun!!