Saturday, June 26, 2010

Old School Saturday-Our 1st Christmas

Wait....what? Christmas?! Yes, I'm already thinking Christmas! Yesterday marks exactly 6 months until Christmas. We're halfway there! I'm already planning Christmas gifts & starting to buy & yes, I'm one to get excited about trees for sale in Hobby Lobby around 4th of July! hehe!

So here's our 1st Christmas together 5 1/2 years ago. First we did a gathering at my Aunt & Uncle's house for my side of the family.

Look how tiny Isaac was! David was always crazy about Isaac!

David took this dart game from Uncle Keith during the gift exchange game & was so excited about getting it! We took this picture as a joke lol

Our first tree! It was my first real tree to have. This is the year we started doing all snowmen ornaments on the tree & still do that now! We didnt have many starting out tho. lol

David & I also had a little holiday party with about 6-7 friends over. These pictures are from my scrapbook because they're the only ones I have from this!

Our friends Seth & Whitney always came to our parties.

Then David & I had our own little Christmas in our home before we headed down to Houston to spend the holidays with his family. This was a few days before Christmas & again, picture from my scrapbook. They're not the best, but I love looking back at how we were 5 years ago! I think I was on the phone with my mom & that was my stocking goodies from David with me.

David & his stocking goodies!

Then Christmas Eve down in Houston David took me ice skating for the first time! I was so excited as I'd always wanted to go growing up but we never had a rink near us.

Haha Our best picture of us Christmas Day at David's mom's house! This Christmas David got our first digital camera, which was the beginning of our pathalogic photo taking & it only increased when I started this blog! Apparently we hadnt set the camera up right when we took this picture! lol But I still love it. It was a great first Christmas together & I cant believe we've already had many years go by since then. Christmas is the most magical, happy time of the year & I'm already really looking forward to this year!

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