Saturday, June 5, 2010

Old School Saturday-Cinco De Tornado

Ok, so it's storm season! I'm gonna take a look back on the 2006 Waco Tornado that some like to call Cinco De Tornado because it struck late at night May 5, 2006. Here's David & mine's adventure from that night!

Downtown Waco after F5 tornado May 11, 1953
114 dead | almost 600 injured

Just in case some of yall didnt know, there was a very deadly tornado that struck Waco almost exactly 53 years before!

So basically, David & I got off work from the tv station May 5 at 11pm, hung out with some coworkers down the road & heard a tornado was approaching. We went back to the tv station to see if the meteorologist & 1 producer needed help. They said no, so we went home. When we reached our front door 10 minutes later, the tornado siren went off. Our townhome wasnt exactly a great cover location, so we drove the 9 minutes back to the tv station-we figured it's safer where the meteorologist is so we know exactly what's goin on! Phones ringing off the hook-there were now 2 producers & us & we tried to answer them all & help people when our meteorologist came over the loud speaker "TORNADO TOUCHED DOWN! TAKE COVER! IT'S RIGHT ABOVE US!" So we huddled in a closet under a desk fearing the huge tower behind the building would fall on us. After quite a loud wait, it was safe to come out. Station lost power, but we called everybody in-reporters, producers, photographers, editors, anchors, engineers, etc & got setup to go on-air through a generator. We stayed until late the next morning airing coverage of the F2 twister & interviews of witnesses.

Waco F2 Tornado May 5, 2006
0 dead | 0 injured

David & I had to leave though because it was now Saturday & I had family coming in for my college graduation bbq at my house later that day. We got home around 11am & still had no power. I started calling family & friends to tell them we were still going to have the bbq. We both got cleaned up & right as people started arriving, we got power back on! It was a long, crazy, scary night but thankfully no deaths occured from the storm & no injuries were reported. One girl did run her car into the mall though to take cover! lol There were just lots of building damages & power outages. The gas station in the picture above is just down the road from the tv station we were at.

David & I at the bbq cookout at our home May 6, 2006

So yeah I might very nervous when severe weather hits, but I've seen alot that mother nature's capable of. To this day I've lived through a typhoon in Japan when I was Rylies' age, a really bad flood in Dec 1991 (not like regular flash floods....I mean the street a couple blocks from us was a river & our garage was full of water. When you live in a town called Valley Mills, what do you expect?), a tornado in Waco 2006, & hurricane Ike in Houston 2008. I dont like anything that could harm my family or home!

Hopefully I wont have to go through anything worse! Be safe this storm season!


The Pifer's said...

My grandpa buried alive in the one in 53, he thankfully survived.

I did a history report on that one year in school...

I love all your old school post :)

Rosie said...

I remember that like it was yesterday. I was stuck at the Shame of all places & they wouldn't let us out. A bunch of smoke and drunks freaking out! It hit right behind there too. Oh & I drove home on Lakeshore after & there were trees everywhere! I was so scared!!
Can you believe that girl ran her car through the mall? HA HA!!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Tiffany-that's crazy story about your grandfather! Glad he made it through that! I'd REALLY be scared of tornadoes if I experienced that F5!

Rosie-actually that girl that ran into the mall was our coworkers stepdaughter lol That's how we knew about it & got an interview with her. She was driving home & the radio said to take cover right away so she did! lol

grandma said...

You went thru several Typhoons will in Japan. One with winds 135 mph and the feederbands afterwards were 90-100 mph. Don't forget the snowstorms up in Delaware and Ohio.