Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh No! The Big 3-0!

I didnt mention this on here before for safety reasons, but David left Thursday afternoon for Lubbock for his Pawpaw's funeral. He, his mom, & brother drove the 10+ hours up there. The service was Friday afternoon. David said it was a really nice service & a lot of people showed up & his Pawpaw would've really loved it. Because it was so far away, Rylie & I stayed on home & sent our love from Houston.

David's 30th birthday was Saturday & we'd planned on having friends over Friday night, but moved everything back a day for the funeral, which we didnt mind at all. Pretty much all our friends understood & were kind about it while some.....weren't. David ended up flying on back home Saturday afternoon on his actual birthday for our weekend plans. Rylie & I spent the whole morning getting ready for our little get-together that night! She was such a good helper!

David's birthday presents from Rylie & I! Cant wait for our next family night in the media room! We got him a Sony Blu-Ray player compatible with our Netflix subscription (love!!!), a bunch of movies he's wanted, & treats!

His look when he saw his gifts! Priceless....

Then we set up some snacks for our guests coming that evening. (Yes, I'm wearing the same white dress from the picture 4 years ago in the tornado post below. And it's taken me the past 4 years to lose weight & fit back in it! lol So I'm proudly wearing it again after all these years!)

Rylie was ubber excited her friends were coming over!

Funny....the boys wanted to play house...

...while Rylie wanted to play on the swingset!

David & his favorite-cookies & cream ice cream cake!

Friends & neighbors. About 10 people couldn't make it with change of dates because of work, so we were glad some of them could still make it! We had a lot of fun!

I think turning 30 wasn't so bad for him afterall =)

Happy Birthday, honey!

And now a little song from Rylie to close things off...

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Looks like you did a great job. Happy Birthday to your hubby!