Friday, June 25, 2010

O Happy Day

Yesterday Rylie felt all better, acted normal again, & had no fever. I still kept her home tho 1 extra day. I tried out these cute pigtails on her. I always see these cute pigtails on these older girls in picture for boutique clothes or big hairbows....

...this is a bad picture, but all I could find. We're growing her hair out & I cant wait for it to get longer & do more fun stuff with it!

Rylie & I played in her playroom most of the day. She still loves her big play food set she got a year & a half ago for Christmas & "made" her & Princess B bear lunch! We also put Princess B in her Astros Summer outfit. She was hot in her sweater she got back in Oct! hehe

Miss thing sweeping her kitchen while talking on the phone....couldn't imagine where she's gotten that from! Notice the purple sandals? They're her new obsession. No more white shoes. lol

She was such a stinker at naptime yesterday too. Once I went to check on her (the 5th time I'm sure) & thought she was still in her bed until I realized it was her bear! She'd put her bear in her bed & covered her up to make it look like it was her! She was in her playroom playing instead! What a booger. I woulda taken a picture if I wasnt so annoyed (and trying not to laugh!) and the camera was downstairs.

Today was a really great, happy day! Rylie's school let her attend today since she missed Tue/Thur so I got a lot of housework done! They also had splash pad day today which she of course LOVED! I didnt know they did show & tell today though so I didnt bring her something. =( I got to have a nice long lunch with my friend Susan while her boys were with the nanny & she gave us a bedrail to have & use at Mimi's house. Sweet! We got to talking about that darn swim vest I've still been searching for to get Rylie & she said she got Owen one last week. I told her they were all gone now & I even spent time yesterday searching online everywhere! I'd given up on the mermaid one & just wanted any kind that wasn't the blue with a shark. Everybody was sold out. Susan really thought we needed to try Target again, so that's where we went. Sold out. I asked a lady to please check the back though. Sold out. I asked her to please check other locations? She said the next one over had 4 in stock but she didnt know what color. So I called over & guess what I found!!!

THE one I had originally wanted all along! It just had Rylie's name all over it! She loves it & it was the easiest thing to put on & we're so excited now to find this so she can "swim" on her own the way she always wants to without Mommy & Daddy trying to hold her! When she first saw it, she said "just [like] Cady!" She remembered Cady's yellow one from last Friday's swim playdate! So that totally made my day finding this! Thanks Susan for being my good luck charm! I seriously find everything I'm looking for when she's with me!

THEN I went to HEB & check out these savings! Over $25! Broke my own record! That alone paid for the swim vest above plus money in my pocket! Sweet deal!

THEN I got home from errands & found the mail I've been waiting for! Our wedding photos cd! Yes, we got married over 3 years ago & just now have our wedding photos cd. When we got married though we didnt have the money to buy the cd or get a lot of prints. We just had 1 photography book done with the best, most important photos & then we bought like 4 prints for frames around the house. Well, I really wanted a lot of the pictures from our wedding with Casey that I'd missed out on. So I finally got up the nerves to ask our photographer if there was any way we could still get those photos. Just seconds later, they were online again & I said I need them all! lol So for a small fee (I thought it would seriously be 3 times the cost!) she put them all in high resolution on a cd & we finally have it! I'm so excited now that I have every photo from our wedding & we'd missed out on so many great ones these past 3 years. So this totally made my day as well! Just look at this great photo of Casey & I that I never had before....


Hope you all have a great weekend! Today marks 6 months until Christmas so we're doing a Christmas movie for family night ;-)

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Rosie said...

I'm in love with the picture of Rylie sweeping. I think w/a little cropping and maybe in black and white, it would be perfect in a frame!
Yay for getting your wedding pics CD!!