Friday, June 4, 2010

Naptime Talk & Lighthouses

I took this little stinker to Gymboree Wednesday for the big sale (best one ever & still goin on now! Get a 20% coupon in June's Family Fun magazine to use with it too!) & got her a new pair of sunglasses! Then we came home & put her down for a nap. Well, she decided she had a lot to talk about & just couldn't get to sleep! Here's some cute videos of her talking in her bed....

(The 2nd video just goes into 30 seconds & then it's silent.)
Oh & I did check on her & she didnt go potty in her pants. She was just reminding herself not to I guess!

On Thursday, I found these cute little lighthouses at the dollar store! Rylie's been so obsessed with lighthouses lately, so these were the most perfect find! David wasn't home when I surprised her with them after school, so I got it on video.

Then I put her "Bob lighthouse" on like she asked (it's really just got a big building with a windmill on top that she thinks is a lighthouse) & she layed there holding her 2 lighthouses as content as can be!

We've really not been up to much else this week! Just Rylie school & that's it. David's Paw Paw's funeral is this afternoon & tomorrow's David's big 3-0 birthday.We've got some special stuff planned for that. I'm also looking forward to the new "Kate Plus 8" show on TLC starting Sunday! She's continuing on alone from "Jon & Kate Plus 8." I honestly wasn't too much a fan of the show before her & Jon's separation. Kate just got on my nerves & became a real diva & seemed so stuck up. But after her & Jon's divorce & all that, I really think the public took it too far picking on Kate. I mean, she's been through a lot lately with public embarassment from her ex-husband & now raising EIGHT kids alone (all within 3 yrs age difference). It's gotta be hard! So I'm eager to see how she does it on the show!

And on the season premiere Sunday they're going to Discovery Cove! That's where David & I went on our 2nd anniversary last May! Such an awesome place! So I also wanna just look at that on the show too. hehe!

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