Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day-O-Fun

First & foremost, I'm going to recognize the US Armed Forces. The men & women who dedicate & risk their lives to this country's freedom are the reason we had this holiday weekend with our friends & family. They are all true heroes! My good friend LCpl Johnny Strong was killed in Iraq June 12, 2007 at just 21 years old. It was truly an honor to be close to someone with so much courage & honor for this country. Thank you Johnny & all those in the US Armed Forces for all you have done & continue to do for our freedom!

Here's a music video that's just for Memorial Day. I know the singer's a joke & it's from the 90's but the words are just here to view.

Sorry, in my family, we were all in the military so we're very big on recognizing them! I know yall probably just came to read about anything fun we did this weekend.

Well, David had heard on the radio the Houston Zoo was doing free passes for Memorial Day. So we decided to brave the crowds & take Rylie. We got there right when it opened & already the parking lot was full! We got to the front & decided to ride the train first while the line was pretty short.
Got her train tickets!

All aboard!

She loved the train ride so much! She was so cute waving to all the people we passed. Then we got to the zoo entrance & turns out it wasn't free! Apparently they've done free passes on Memorial Day for years & decided not to this year. Guess the media didnt get that memo because several other folks were there expecting no charge as well. Pretty annoying, but we still wanted to let Rylie see all the animals she'd gotten so excited about!

We were disappointed though that pretty much all the big animals were asleep & we couldn't even see them. We did see some big cats lion around! Hahaha! I know I'm so funny....

The giraffes are a big thing at the Houston zoo for some reason. Only 1 tiger, but like 6 giraffes. Weird.

Rylie's favorite thing these days-riding on Daddy's shoulders!

Then we saw the new baby elephant, Baylor! He was so stinkin cute!

We saved the indoor stuff for the later part of our zoo visit because by then it became extremely hot outside! So we headed to the reptile/amphibian room & saw some pretty neat things! Above is an American Alligator.

See the pretty frog statue with the paint kinda chipped off? Oh wait, that's a real frog! A big Waxy Tree Frog! No joke, I saw it breathing.

Two python snakes in a cage together-one of the largest snakes known (next to the anaconda).

A cuban crocodile I thought was kinda cute

Well hello there cricky!

Rylie saying hi to the Cuban Crocodile

See the python hidden in the leaves? Better watch your step in the woods!

Then finally the main attraction Rylie had been waiting for-the aquarium!

We saw Dori right when we walked in! Much bigger in person than she looked in Finding Nemo. Maybe's she's put on a few. And that yellow fish from the Dr office aquarium....ya know, obsessed with bubbles. He was there too!

And NEMO! Oh my goodness the happiness Rylie had when she saw this little clown fish hiding in the back. Then she asked "Where Nemo Daddy go?" I told her he was sleeping in his home. There was only 1 clown fish in this tank.

So that was the end of our zoo trip! I'm going to go ahead & let yall know what Rylie's 3rd birthday present will be in October though because I'm so excited about it!

She's getting her own Nemo! We've been looking at aquariums lately & decided to get a nice one for our family for Rylie's birthday. We're getting her a Nemo clown fish & another fish we havent picked out yet & this Ariel aquarium statue! I'm so excited I dont know how I'll wait the next 4 1/2 months! haha Rylie's going to be the happiest little girl in the world! She might end up getting it early, but I really want to wait for her birthday. It's more special that way! hehe

Moving on! After the zoo we spontaneously decided to take Rylie to Chuck E Cheese for lunch! It was her first time to go & she loved it! I'm sure some of my germ-a-phobic friends would never go near this place, but I had hand wipes constantly out & they had a sanitizer dispenser & the place was much cleaner than others I've been to!

We sat by the stage of characters "singing" & Rylie decided to chime in too!

Then our food arrived! I told Rylie the pizza was hot so we had to wait a minute & she thought she'd help by blowing on it for us! hehe The food wasn't incredible, but not bad either.

Then Rylie finally got to ride the horse-y's she saw when we first got there! She had a blast!

And she rode in a car ride with Chuck himself & helped Daddy on skeeball. There was even air hockey too but I was helping her so no pictures from that.

Our girl & her ticket count at the end. She redeemed them for some candy, stickers & some Chuck E Cheese popper toy. All in all it was a pretty fun day for our family! Hope your Memorial Day was just as great!


Becca - said...

Looks like Rylie had a blast!!

Rosie said...

Looks like ya'll had tons of fun!
Sorry to hear about your friend. My family is big on the military as well b/c of my brother.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

What a great day! We just went to the zoo Friday! So hot, but fun!