Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friday Fun Day & Family Night!

Friday morning Rylie woke up & said "Wear dress & white shoes." We always pick out our clothes the night before, but Friday she wanted to wear a dress instead & those are what she calls her "white shoes!" So that's what she wore! She was playing with her Snow White Barbie she got on her birthday in October & asked me where Ariel Barbie was. I told her she didnt have one, but then I remembered she still has a little birthday money in Target giftcards so we could go get her one!

These little Princess Barbies are $9-$10 at Target right now! I told her she had enough $ for 2 but she just held onto her Ariel & didnt pay much attention to the others, so maybe next trip! She's now got a soft plush Ariel she sleeps with, a baby doll with red hair that apparently they sell as Ariel, a big plastic Ariel doll that she loves to style her hair & watch TV with & now this Ariel Barbie! I think she's more than set!

Friday nights are our family nights. We started doing this a few weeks ago as a weekly thing instead of just every once in awhile. On Fridays now we do frozen pizzas & bring them up to the media room. We watch a family movie (Beethoven, Cheaper by the Dozen, etc) and this week we rented Disney's "UP." It was rather depressing to us! Plus the man in the movie looked like David's Paw Paw so we thought about him & talked about him throughout the movie too. Then after the movie, we play air hockey!

Rylie loves playing against Daddy! She just laughs so hard & she's getting really good at it now! (Click here to see video of them playing!) We've had this air hockey table for a year & a half now & used it a lot! It was always David & mine's favorite thing to do when we'd go on dates to a movie. This is just a great way for us to relax at the end of the week & spend quality time with our rapidly growing little girl!

 And David's almost finished with Rylie's swingset! The swings are on now & so is the roof. Just needs the table attached & glider.


Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

Fun fun!! Our weekends are family time too! LOVE IT!!

Also, we might have run across a few Ariel things for Rylie during our weekend away! We're gonna put them up for her Ariel B-day party.......if we can wait that long! Ha!

The Stairs Family said...

Friday nights are our Family Fun nights too! We have frozen pizzas and play games or watch movies together. Such a fun tradition!

~Shelly~ said...

we totally need an air hockey table for kinley! she loves that game so much! takes after her mommy! i love this age, the girls are so fun. i think next year will be even better!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I love the idea of family night. As soon as Savi gets just a tiny bit older...we plan to do the same!