Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Day of Summer Swim

Yesterday morning I decided to take Rylie to our community pool. She'd been begging to go all weekend & we told her we'd take her Sun night but she wasnt behaving so Mon she finally got to go! We were the 2nd ones there which was great! Rylie had the slide all to herself (which meant no mean kids shoving past her in line or shooting me in the face with water gun while I'm trying to help get Rylie up the stairs, etc!). She went down the slide so many times & loved every minute of it!

Later on Kendall joined us!

They went down the slide & then splashed around!

Love those fountains!

And played with all the toys they'd each brought!

This morning was the perfect time to go before it got crowded & too hot!

We stayed quite awhile & then it was lunchtime so we headed home. Which wasnt an easy thing getting Rylie to leave the pool! lol My little fish.

Now that Summer's officially kicked off I'm hoping we have a lot of these mornings ahead of us!

I spent all this morning looking for this Puddle Jumper I'd seen on Suz Steece's blog. Cady had one like it at the swim playdate Friday & thought Rylie would love being able to swim on her own in one too. Plus we just love mermaids! Of course they're online only & on back order for 2-4 weeks now! Story of our life.

Daddy came home yesterday with a surprise for Rylie though! Her first fishing  pole & even a tackle box with accessories! We read an article on Father's Day about building strong relationships between Fathers & Daughters. One of the things said to spend lots of one-on-one time together. We realized we do a lot of family time but Rylie doesnt get a lot of just Daddy time.

So he wanted to get this for her & take her fishing! Hopefully they can go this Saturday morning in our neighborhood lake. That'll be one of their things they do just together & make it special!

Hope you all are enjoying the start of your Summer! Already feels over 100┬║ here! Ready for October to arrive! hehe


Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

I just published my pool pics too. Sorry that we got the last pair of mermaid floaties! Hopefully ya'll can track down some too.

~Shelly~ said...

the puddle jumpers are at target. ours has 4 in stock so we are going to get kinley one asap. my moms pool is almost complete so we need to get her something soon! cute pics, the girls have such fun together!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Oh yes that will be so sweet. I used to have a date night with my dad once a month!

prashant said...

that will be so sweet.!!!!!!!!
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Ashlee McCrary said...

i called target corporate & they said it's absolutely online only & any in stores are from returns people made after purchasing it online. they're on backorder online so we're just absolutely screwed outta gettin it now. we're used to it by now! i just really wanted the mermaid one because that's rylie & mine's "thing" but now all the local stores are out of ALL of them.