Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feeling Better & Getting Out

Yesterday Rylie was feeling better & wanted to go outside. She still had a lingering fever of 99 for a short time though so I still wasnt going to take her to any stores or around people.

But we hung out in the backyard for awhile. It was starting to thunder so we didnt stay long.

She hurt her left thumb yesterday morning by accidentally slamming my bathroom drawer on it (she did it, not me!) So she had a princess band-aid on it & "boo bunny" came to the rescue!

Then I thought we'd get some lunch from the drive thru (still not getting her around other people). I asked her where she wanted to go driving to & believe it or not, she said "drive by Charlotte house." Her sweet friend Charlotte has been in China with her parents on business for 2 months now & wont be back for another month. Their house is being built by our swimming pool down the street though so we always drive by. We cant wait for them to be neighbors!

And we're always talking about Charlotte so Rylie doesnt forget her (3 months is a long time for a 2 year old!) But Rylie surely doesnt forget miss Charlotte. She sings songs about her & when I mention we're goin to see friends, Rylie will list off her friends she'll see & includes Charlotte too. We're just so eager for them to get back so we can hang out again!

We grabbed some lunch to go from Chick Fil A-our favorite. Rylie always knows where a Chick Fil A is & looks for the big inflatable cow out front. Since a storm was coming, ours wasnt out yesterday =( Rylie said "cow sleeping 'side (inside)" hehe

While Rylie napped, I finally got these throw pillows done for her bed! Can you believe these were burp cloths? When I ordered her toddler bedding (currently on her bed & same print her crib bedding was) over a year ago, I looked everywhere for throw pillows or just the material itself to make throw pillows with. This line is being clearanced down so nothing was available. Then I saw the boy version print in burp cloths at a local boutique & asked if they could order this version & they did! They were a 4 pack, but I ran outta stuffing after these 3. I have another circle one to do. I think I'd prefer 2 circle pillows in the back & 1 stripe in the front & then the other striped pillow to go on her little pink chair. But I'll have to get more stuffing first! I'm so glad I finally got this done & we love the way it looks!

Well that was our rundown yesterday! Might sound pretty boring to yall, but we actually had ourselves a pretty good day! =)

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Julee Casey said...

Glad you are feeling better Rylie!! Charlotte misses you so much! Thanks for thinking about her. She can't wait to be your neighbor. We ALL are definitely anxious to be back on American soil and be in our new house. Chick-fil-A will be one of our first stops!! Our bellies are empty and ready for some good eating!! Haha!!