Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day At The Lake

Sunday we went to David's Dad's lakehouse on Livingston for a Father's Day get-together. It was a really nice day, although very hot as usual. Rylie was excited to see everyone & couldnt wait to go on Grandaddy's boat!

David said this tree used to just be like 2 floor boards wide. It's grown a lot in the past 20-30 yrs! ha

David & his little girl! 

Rylie & her K9 cousin Sam! Rylie was being very shy around Sam today. Sam's gotten big! The swish of her tail almost knocks her over now! lol

Finally it was time to put her lifejacket on! (The only one Academy had last 4th of July. Yuck.) But Rylie loved wearing it! We did a long boat road on the lake. They usually go to an island & park & swim for awhile but we couldn't do that with Rylie still finishing up potty-training. There's no place for her to go out there & I didnt want to put her back in swim diapers & just tell her to go in that because then she'd expect those all the time. Kinda 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. And lemme tell ya...this Momma's tired of taking steps back on this business. Only going forward from here & since I'm the one doing all this potty-training business with her, stressing over it for months, cleaning up all the messes, etc....I think I've got a good point on this.

David & his brother Daniel hanging out in the house

Rylie brought her bubble wand & the other 2 bottles of bubbles we have left. She wanted to show Grandaddy & Deedee her bubbles & was very excited about it! Then Daddy came out & showed her how to blow them from the handle in the bubble bottle. She loved it & wanted to do it all afternoon! We had some yummy baked potato stuffed chicken breast & then the day turned sour so we came on home. I never even got a picture of David & his dad or Rylie with her Grandaddy & Deedee. Just a crazy day!

Hope you all had a great Father's Day with your husbands/dads this past weekend!


Rosie said...

Oh that ooks like so much fun! I'd love to have a lakehouse :)

prashant said...

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