Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yesterday I tried a new hairstyle on Rylie-curls! Her hair has natural wave/curl to it but it was always such a mess. I tried fighting it with a hair straightener but it would end up a mess come lunchtime. So I finally bought some curling spray gel & love it! I just spritzed a little on, & held the hairdryer on low while scrunching her hair with my fingers. She loved it & ran to the mirror saying "So bootiful!"

I tried to curl mine as well but it wasnt worth the time. It was a flat mess by afternoon. I wish my hair was as cute as Rylies! hehe

We went to a Mommy-Daughter lunch at Chili's together just us 2. I bought this Disney Princesses word search book in the $1 section of Target weeks ago & it's awesome helping her to learn her ABC's! We pull it out to occupy her while waiting for our food all the time. I just tell her to look for a letter & she finds it & colors it. Although, she more just colors the whole page! lol But this & her little ABC game on the laptop toy are the main things that have taught her to recognize all the letters (upper & lowercase)!


Becca - said...

Her hair looks so pretty. Kendall's been doing word search puzzles too. It's part of her lessons for the week! he he!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Oh it looks SO GOOD! Love it:)