Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bubble Wand Summer Fun

Rylie has gathered quite a collection of bubbles over the year. Between birthday party favors, Kindermusik, and Christmas we've ended up with all these bottles. And since we're ones to appreciate everything we're given & not let it go to waste, I decided to buy Rylie a $1 bubble wand at the dollar store to use all these bottles of bubbles! Better than huffing & puffing & blowing them all myself! ha!

So Tuesday after school we got her bubbles & wand & set up outside. Rylie was already smiling big for the camera!

Being so independent, she wanted to do the wand all by herself!

I just poured a bunch of the bubbles all in together & she went to town!

This provided lots of nice entertainment until Daddy got home from work!

And I'm happy to say we've only got the 2 blue Miracle Bubble bottles left! So anybody who thinks entertainment has to come at a high cost is obviously mistaken!