Monday, June 21, 2010

Batter Up!

Friday night our family movie was "Rookie of the Year." We thought Rylie would like it since she likes baseball. Well she wasnt too into the movie but when it was over it was still light outside so we got out her little baseball set for the first time!

Had to get a picture of her posing with her stuff....maybe she'll play softball like Mommy did!

Her hand was still way too tiny for that glove, but she loved trying to swing at the ball we tossed to her. She really needs a tee to hold it & swing because she didnt have much luck. But she still had a blast!

We stayed out there until it got dark & she was mad we had to go inside. New family night activity we can do this Summer & Fall!

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Malinda said...

Look at how cute you are in your uniform! I played softball too for a couple summers. I loved it! I hope SM plays as well.