Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rylie's Little Buddies

Yesterday Rylie had a few of her buddies over to play. We thought if we scheduled this early in the morning, we'd beat the heat. Well, we did but not the humidity! Cady came over first & the girls ran around the yard, on & off the swingset a bunch, jumped in Rylie's bounce house, played in the playhouse. And they were a dripping sweaty mess. Poor things were so hot! The air was extremely thick & it was only high 80's at that point.

Rylie finally started riding her bike all on her own Sunday! She's been able to reach the pedals for like a year but never reached enough to be able to push enough & ride it all on her own until now! No more pushing or help from Mommy & Daddy! I meant to get video but didnt have that camera out.

Miss Cady cupcake on the phone!

We ended up moving playtime inside & Owen joined us too! They were really running around so I only took these 4 pictures total. We had a lot of fun playing with our friends & went to a quick lunch as well before naptime. I think next time we'll just put out sprinklers in the backyard! lol Houston humidity is not something we like to battle!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Santa's Late Christmas Present

I'm late posting these pictures, but Rylie's swingset is finally complete! We've had it for awhile now, I've just not taken pictures. This was supposed to be her gift from Santa this past Christmas, but things just came up & we simply weren't able to do it. So finally this Spring we made it happen!

Rylie loves it. We love it. Her friends come over & love it. Every penny worth it. My favorite is the little attached table bar in the front. It's got a place to put a sandbox unde the slide too, but it's not our kinda thing.

Rylie's favorite is the big slide! She's way outgrown her little bitty slide she's had. This one will last for years!

So thank you Santa for the "late delivery!" (Wink, wink) Rylie's a very happy little girl & we've already gotten tons of use outta this thing!

Toddler Bed Adventures

We've certainly had some adventures lately with Rylie being in her toddler bed! First lemme just tell yall this funny story that happened yesterday. Yes, another potty story....skip this part if you want. Rylie's been doing really good about going #2 in the potty lately & getting stickers to earn a big Ariel toy. Yesterday David put her down for a nap & she kept getting outta bed. He went to check on her & she'd taken her pullup off. She said she went "poopoo potty" & pointed & showed him. So we're all praising her & she's so excited. Then we asked where she put her pullup & she pointed to the trash can. So we checked & there it was.....with a little #2 in it. We figured out poor thing didnt make it to the potty, went #2 in her pullup & must've felt bad so she took off her pullup & dumped "it" in her potty & put the pullup in the trash. I cant believe she came up with all that on her own. We had to give her A for effort! She got a tiny sticker instead of a big one. At least she tried! lol

After cleaning up, it was back in bed for nap.......or we thought. I kept hearing her get up again, so I went to check on her & found this....

She'd taken off all her clothes, but kept the pullup on! She threw lovey (on the right in the stair rail) over the gate & was whining for it back. That's also a shirt from her closet that she must've pulled out & threw overboard as well.

Apparently she grabbed some socks from her dresser & put those on with these pink shoes from last Fall!

And all these clothes came from her closet, sunglasses, lots of Ariel shoes out, & some books from her shelf.
I guess she was having herself a little dressup party!

And then she gave me this look "Please let me out, Mommy?" We had to put this gate up to keep her from going to her playroom during naptime. She finally did take a short nap late yesterday afternoon! Some days we have great, perfect naps. Other times it's harder.

THEN this morning David was leaving for work at 6:30 & woke me up to tell me Rylie was sleeping on the living room floor outside our room!

This picture is a reinactment photo. He asked me if I wanted her to come in bed with me & I said "No, put her in her own bed." He came back & said "She's asleep hardcore & aint moving. I'm going to leave her out there." lol So I wanted to get up & take a picture but she woke up then & came into my room. Poor girl probably just fell asleep very early this morning on her way to Mommy & Daddy's room! I dont know what time she went downstairs, but she told me this morning "Rylie sleep floor." lol

It's definitely been adventurous lately! I remember reading all these cute stories of kiddos not sleeping in their bed after converting to a toddler one & being so afraid to move Rylie into hers, but it's really been fine. Hope this doesnt scare anyone into moving their child up. We still absolutely love having her in the toddler bed & I didnt think it would be as smooth as it's been honestly. She couldn't stay in her crib forever & I think soon it'll be even easier once she gets more used to it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fishing with Daddy

Yesterday morning David took Rylie fishing as promised for their special "Daddy-Daughter" time! I got her all dressed & ready & she insisted I take a picture of Ariel too! I got her lunch packed & she was set!

She was so excited all morning & kept saying "Bye, Mommy! See you later, Mommy! Ok, Mommy?!" lol

They just went to our little lake in our neighborhood. David said she did very good & had a lot of fun!

No luck catching anything this time, but she's got the practice now!

Sweet girl. Then David took Rylie to lunch just them & said she was very good. Rylie had a blast because Daddy lets her do silly things Mommy probably wouldn't do, like make "tortilla face masks" lol She came home so exhausted from all the fun & went straight down for a nap. Last night when we asked her what her favorite thing about her day was (like we do every night), she said "fish!"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Old School Saturday-Our 1st Christmas

Wait....what? Christmas?! Yes, I'm already thinking Christmas! Yesterday marks exactly 6 months until Christmas. We're halfway there! I'm already planning Christmas gifts & starting to buy & yes, I'm one to get excited about trees for sale in Hobby Lobby around 4th of July! hehe!

So here's our 1st Christmas together 5 1/2 years ago. First we did a gathering at my Aunt & Uncle's house for my side of the family.

Look how tiny Isaac was! David was always crazy about Isaac!

David took this dart game from Uncle Keith during the gift exchange game & was so excited about getting it! We took this picture as a joke lol

Our first tree! It was my first real tree to have. This is the year we started doing all snowmen ornaments on the tree & still do that now! We didnt have many starting out tho. lol

David & I also had a little holiday party with about 6-7 friends over. These pictures are from my scrapbook because they're the only ones I have from this!

Our friends Seth & Whitney always came to our parties.

Then David & I had our own little Christmas in our home before we headed down to Houston to spend the holidays with his family. This was a few days before Christmas & again, picture from my scrapbook. They're not the best, but I love looking back at how we were 5 years ago! I think I was on the phone with my mom & that was my stocking goodies from David with me.

David & his stocking goodies!

Then Christmas Eve down in Houston David took me ice skating for the first time! I was so excited as I'd always wanted to go growing up but we never had a rink near us.

Haha Our best picture of us Christmas Day at David's mom's house! This Christmas David got our first digital camera, which was the beginning of our pathalogic photo taking & it only increased when I started this blog! Apparently we hadnt set the camera up right when we took this picture! lol But I still love it. It was a great first Christmas together & I cant believe we've already had many years go by since then. Christmas is the most magical, happy time of the year & I'm already really looking forward to this year!

Friday, June 25, 2010

O Happy Day

Yesterday Rylie felt all better, acted normal again, & had no fever. I still kept her home tho 1 extra day. I tried out these cute pigtails on her. I always see these cute pigtails on these older girls in picture for boutique clothes or big hairbows....

...this is a bad picture, but all I could find. We're growing her hair out & I cant wait for it to get longer & do more fun stuff with it!

Rylie & I played in her playroom most of the day. She still loves her big play food set she got a year & a half ago for Christmas & "made" her & Princess B bear lunch! We also put Princess B in her Astros Summer outfit. She was hot in her sweater she got back in Oct! hehe

Miss thing sweeping her kitchen while talking on the phone....couldn't imagine where she's gotten that from! Notice the purple sandals? They're her new obsession. No more white shoes. lol

She was such a stinker at naptime yesterday too. Once I went to check on her (the 5th time I'm sure) & thought she was still in her bed until I realized it was her bear! She'd put her bear in her bed & covered her up to make it look like it was her! She was in her playroom playing instead! What a booger. I woulda taken a picture if I wasnt so annoyed (and trying not to laugh!) and the camera was downstairs.

Today was a really great, happy day! Rylie's school let her attend today since she missed Tue/Thur so I got a lot of housework done! They also had splash pad day today which she of course LOVED! I didnt know they did show & tell today though so I didnt bring her something. =( I got to have a nice long lunch with my friend Susan while her boys were with the nanny & she gave us a bedrail to have & use at Mimi's house. Sweet! We got to talking about that darn swim vest I've still been searching for to get Rylie & she said she got Owen one last week. I told her they were all gone now & I even spent time yesterday searching online everywhere! I'd given up on the mermaid one & just wanted any kind that wasn't the blue with a shark. Everybody was sold out. Susan really thought we needed to try Target again, so that's where we went. Sold out. I asked a lady to please check the back though. Sold out. I asked her to please check other locations? She said the next one over had 4 in stock but she didnt know what color. So I called over & guess what I found!!!

THE one I had originally wanted all along! It just had Rylie's name all over it! She loves it & it was the easiest thing to put on & we're so excited now to find this so she can "swim" on her own the way she always wants to without Mommy & Daddy trying to hold her! When she first saw it, she said "just [like] Cady!" She remembered Cady's yellow one from last Friday's swim playdate! So that totally made my day finding this! Thanks Susan for being my good luck charm! I seriously find everything I'm looking for when she's with me!

THEN I went to HEB & check out these savings! Over $25! Broke my own record! That alone paid for the swim vest above plus money in my pocket! Sweet deal!

THEN I got home from errands & found the mail I've been waiting for! Our wedding photos cd! Yes, we got married over 3 years ago & just now have our wedding photos cd. When we got married though we didnt have the money to buy the cd or get a lot of prints. We just had 1 photography book done with the best, most important photos & then we bought like 4 prints for frames around the house. Well, I really wanted a lot of the pictures from our wedding with Casey that I'd missed out on. So I finally got up the nerves to ask our photographer if there was any way we could still get those photos. Just seconds later, they were online again & I said I need them all! lol So for a small fee (I thought it would seriously be 3 times the cost!) she put them all in high resolution on a cd & we finally have it! I'm so excited now that I have every photo from our wedding & we'd missed out on so many great ones these past 3 years. So this totally made my day as well! Just look at this great photo of Casey & I that I never had before....


Hope you all have a great weekend! Today marks 6 months until Christmas so we're doing a Christmas movie for family night ;-)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feeling Better & Getting Out

Yesterday Rylie was feeling better & wanted to go outside. She still had a lingering fever of 99 for a short time though so I still wasnt going to take her to any stores or around people.

But we hung out in the backyard for awhile. It was starting to thunder so we didnt stay long.

She hurt her left thumb yesterday morning by accidentally slamming my bathroom drawer on it (she did it, not me!) So she had a princess band-aid on it & "boo bunny" came to the rescue!

Then I thought we'd get some lunch from the drive thru (still not getting her around other people). I asked her where she wanted to go driving to & believe it or not, she said "drive by Charlotte house." Her sweet friend Charlotte has been in China with her parents on business for 2 months now & wont be back for another month. Their house is being built by our swimming pool down the street though so we always drive by. We cant wait for them to be neighbors!

And we're always talking about Charlotte so Rylie doesnt forget her (3 months is a long time for a 2 year old!) But Rylie surely doesnt forget miss Charlotte. She sings songs about her & when I mention we're goin to see friends, Rylie will list off her friends she'll see & includes Charlotte too. We're just so eager for them to get back so we can hang out again!

We grabbed some lunch to go from Chick Fil A-our favorite. Rylie always knows where a Chick Fil A is & looks for the big inflatable cow out front. Since a storm was coming, ours wasnt out yesterday =( Rylie said "cow sleeping 'side (inside)" hehe

While Rylie napped, I finally got these throw pillows done for her bed! Can you believe these were burp cloths? When I ordered her toddler bedding (currently on her bed & same print her crib bedding was) over a year ago, I looked everywhere for throw pillows or just the material itself to make throw pillows with. This line is being clearanced down so nothing was available. Then I saw the boy version print in burp cloths at a local boutique & asked if they could order this version & they did! They were a 4 pack, but I ran outta stuffing after these 3. I have another circle one to do. I think I'd prefer 2 circle pillows in the back & 1 stripe in the front & then the other striped pillow to go on her little pink chair. But I'll have to get more stuffing first! I'm so glad I finally got this done & we love the way it looks!

Well that was our rundown yesterday! Might sound pretty boring to yall, but we actually had ourselves a pretty good day! =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sick Little Ariel Princess

Rylie woke up yesterday morning with 101 temp. She climbed into bed with me at 6:30 & then at 7am told me to take her temperature. Then she told me she didnt want to go to school & she wanted to stay home with Mommy. So that's what she did! We started meds right away. She's acted perfectly fine all morning-no symptoms-just like she had last month.

She's just been taking it easy, drinking lots of apple Pedialyte, and watching her favorite Veggie Tales, Aladdin, & Ariel! I put on her Ariel shirt thinking it'd help make her feel better. We got it at the Disney store for $5 awhile back & then this past weekend the flip flops were on clearance $3 & sunglasses were only $2 & the cup was $5. Cant beat those prices! And they had lots of different color/styles.

Cute Ariel sunglasses! I bought them all a little big hoping they'll fit next Spring as well.
Anyways, Rylie's just snacked all day & took a very good nap in her bed.
I ended up getting some Mission Burrito dinner to-go to help with a local fundraiser Mothers Against Cancer was doing. All this time this place has been just 10 minutes away & we've never tried it. It was good, but I think we should try again at the restaurant. Probably tastes better than waiting 15 minutes to eat it. lol

Anyways, there's some cute videos on my YouTube I meant to include in Rylie's baseball post, but they were on another camera & I forgot about them. After playing baseball outside & getting a bath, Rylie got a special message from Toy Story's Woody! I found this packet in her Huggies Nighttime Pullups bag with princess stickers & a code to get a message from a Disney character. They only had Woody & the new Princess Tiana on there. I forgot the code & threw away the paper or else I'd share it, but if you wanna view Rylie's you can visit our link www.youtube.com/ashmccrary. There's 2 on there.