Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Saturday evening was my baby cousin Vanessa's wedding! Well, I say "baby" cousin but she's only a few years younger than I am. She is the baby cousin of all of us though! And I remember the first time I met Vanessa-she was only a few weeks old & we were visiting our Grandparents house. Vanessa was asleep in her carseat on the table & my dad was holding me & let me touch her hand. I cant believe she's already married now! Wow! I sound like such an old person, but it's hard to believe all of us are grown up now!

Vanessa has found a great man, Jack. We couldn't be happier for her! She had such a beautiful wedding out on Jack's ranch in Evant (about an hour outside of Waco). My uncle Keith looks like he's about to cry before they headed down the aisle! Isnt her dress gorgeous?!

My uncle Keith (my dad's brother) built this stage out there for the ceremony to take place on & to use as a dance floor during the reception!

Mr & Mrs Jack Caldwell!

Yummy looking cakes!

So beautiful!

I was sitting with my Aunt Tressa (who cried enough for the both of us! hehe), Uncle Leon, cousin Adam & his wife Kristel (who had baby Samuel a few weeks ago!) I really thought I'd bawl through the whole ceremony, but surprisingly I didnt!

My cousin Katie & I after the ceremony (she's married to the bride's brother)

Cute photography pictures after the ceremony

Another cute one!


Their first dance. They were very, very lucky it didnt pour on them! Look at those thick gray clouds. I felt drops of rain throughout the ceremony, but it never did progress thank goodness!

Father-daughter dance

Stole a picture with the beautiful bride!

David & the groom, Jack

Me & Shelly as it was getting really dark out!

A few more pictures with friends before we headed out!
Jillian & Cassie-I've known these girls since 4th grade!

We ended up leaving the reception early to drive the hour back to our hotel in Waco.

The next day we met our friends for lunch! Mary & Malia are still living in Waco trying to sell their house while Vince has already started his new job in south Texas. We were lucky to catch him visiting & got to meet them all!

We were going to meet up with Casey's parents too, but they couldn't make it, so we headed on home early to our little girl! She had a great time at Mimi's & her fever's finally gone! It's nice to have our little girl back, but boy had we forgotten how much smoother the trip down there & back is without a toddler! lol Dont worry yall! We'll still bring her with us next time we visit! ;-)


~Shelly~ said...

Great pics!!
And btw- Im cutting bangs again on saturday! All those little whispy/fly aways on my forehead will be covered UP!

Rosie said...

Those pictures of the wedding were sooooo pretty! I like your dress too :)
If you come to Waco you should let me know so we can have lunch or something!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Beautiful wedding! Glad you guys had fun!