Friday, May 28, 2010

Swimming with Owen & Kendall

Rylie & I met some friends at our neighborhood pool Wednesday! Rylie & I were the 1st ones there & they were late opening the gate to go in, so we waited patiently!

She was like "open the pool NOW people!" lol

When we got in they hadnt turned on the fountains yet which meant the slide wasnt on yet either. It was pure torture for her to sit there & stare at that slide & not be able to go down yet! I tried to distract her by saying "Let's look for our friends! Do you see them?!"

Yay! The fountains are on now! Trying to get a cute picture of her in her swimsuit--that's too small already! Grr! I already bought this suit in a 2T & it was too small, so I raced back to exchange it for a 3T at Carters back in March & now it's already too tight on her! At least we manage to get use outta it this one time.

Yay Kendall's here now! They hadnt seen each other in weeks since they'd both been sick & we've all just been busy!

Then Owen arrived! Arent they just the cutest kids in the world???

I didnt get really good pictures of the kiddos playing & then I didnt have my camera when they all went down the slide. But I thought they were so cute sitting by the side of the pool during Adult Swim (10 min break for the lifeguards every hour).

Splashing & having a ball! Owen looks like he's thinking "Oh geez! These girls!" lol

Splash! Splash! Splash!

We cant wait for our pool to be open full time starting next week!

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Becca - said...

Yay! LOVE the pool pics!! Thanks for taking your camera!!