Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Kindermusik

On Wednesday, Rylie returned to Kindermusik after a break last week. She was so happy to see Miss Sandy & her friend Cady again!

And to show them she now has the rolling thing down! hehe Her friend Cady & her rolling down the mat!

A cute picture of the kiddos jumping like "jack hammers"!

And again rolling like "steamrollers" down the "street"...

She now loves doing the rolls over & over!


Then it was shakers time!

Listening to Miss Sandy on what to do with the shakers

Rylie & her friend Cady look like future cheerleaders huh? So cute! They did a movement dance to a steel drum song & were "punching" the air & moving all around!

I love her little bitty arms doing the little punches in the air!
And I had to post this cute video of Rylie doing the dance. She looks so confused & cute! And so she just started jumping & having fun! hehe

Then they all got to show off their drums they brought to class. We were supposed to "make" some homemade drums, but I wasnt feeling creative so we just brought a little drum Rylie already had. She was so excited to bring her princess drum to class & couldn't wait to play it! She sat by her friend Cady & the other kids didnt want in the picture, so I just got the 2 of them!

They each took turns playing their own drum for the class.....and Rylie didnt want to stop after her turn! tsk tsk She did eventually though & listen to the other kids. Once you get em goin, it's hard to get them to stop something fun! Next week will be our last Kindermusik class! At least for awhile. We arent doing any Summer sessions & have no clue what will be going on this Fall so we havent decided about that yet!

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