Monday, May 10, 2010

A Sweet Mother's Day

Yesterday was a really sweet Mother's day for me, although it might sound like it was a little crazy. So David was already scheduled to work Sunday morning at the church (not knowing when he signed up it was that weekend). We had planned for Rylie & I to spend the morning at David's mom's house & then we'd eat lunch there after David got off work. But David's mom's dad is really sick right now & she really needed to be with him, so she flew up to Lubbock on Friday. Completely understandable! So David & I tried to decide Saturday what we were going to do & figured it'd just be easier to go out to eat for lunch when he got off work.

So David got off work & came home with flowers from him & Rylie. I told him not to get me anything, but this was a sweet surprise!

And Rylie & David had sweet cards for me too.

David's card played music & Rylie wanted to play it over & over hehe

And I got sweet sugars from my girl!

By then it was after 1pm & we figured we'd try Red Lobster thinking the wait wouldn't be as long this late in the day. Wrong! They still had an hour & a half wait! Soooo we tried a bistro/grill restaurant nearby & even though we didnt have a reservation, we got a table almost immediately. But they were doing a special "brunch" for Mother's Day we were unaware of & weren't offering their regular menu which we preferred. So we decided to head out & it wasn't our thing. Now yall are gonna think I'm crazy, but we decided to call back Red Lobster to see if the wait had gone down because by now, it was 3pm! We were so hungry. lol The wait was still an hour though. So yes, we seriously called the next 2 closest Red Lobsters & they only had a 30 minute wait. So we headed on over! There's seriously not a lot of good, nice restaurants close by us! lol And we really wanted Red Lobster! So we got there pretty quick, got seated right away, got our yummy salads & cheddar biscuits right away & waited.....& waited.....& no sign of our waiter again. After almost 40 minutes we finally asked the manager if our waiter was even still there. By then it was 4:15! We were starving & had long finished our biscuits & salads. Rylie was getting so restless. So the manager tracked down what happened-our waiter had been overwhelmed by a large party nearby & was supposed to have help but didnt. So someone was getting fired. The manager quickly brought out our orders & comped the whole bill! So it all worked out & the food was thankfully fantastic! I devoured every bite of my Maui Luau Salmon & Grilled Shrimp! By then it was 5pm & we immediately headed home to let Rylie get some rest. Too late for a nap though, but her & I just layed in bed for awhile watching TV. She told me several times throughout the day "I low-u (I love you) Mommy" without me even saying it first. Totally made the crazy day worthwile! =)

My 1st Mother's Day 2007 & Mother's Day 2008
Mother's Day 2009

Thank you so much sweet Rylie for making this day extra special for me! You're the best, sweetest little girl I could ever wish to have! You make my days so great & I love spending them with you. Thank you for being such an awesome daughter & I hope we always have this close bond we do today. Love you with all my heart girl! Love, Mommy


Becca - said...

I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day! YOur Red Lobster story cracked me up. Ya'll must really love that place! he he!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Yeah for a free meal:) Happy Mother's Day (a little late)! Glad you enjoyed:)