Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rylie's Friends Came Over!

Rylie hasn't had a big playdate in over a year (besides her birthday party) so we felt it was long overdue! So yesterday her friends Owen, Cady, & Kate came over! Several other friends are sick so we'll have to do this again when they can make it too. Here's a few pictures I took. It was pretty chaotic with kids running around everywhere so I didnt get many (well, many being my terms of many), but they all had fun & that's what matters!

Miss Cady cupcake on the phone!

Kate's baby sister Ella chilling!

When Ella got up from laying there, Kate hopped on! It's exhausting being a big sister huh!

Then Cady squeezed in there with her!

And I thought this was so sweet-Rylie watched miss Tiffany getting Kate's bottle ready & comfort her fussing. So Rylie was trying to "comfort" her baby doll too!

Then she wanted to lay "just [like] baby!" hehe

Owen building a "base."

Poor guy had nothing but pink toys to play with! lol

All the kiddos building blocks, but Cady took off running! lol

Rylie had so much fun & loved having her buddies over to play! Next time we'll have to get the bounce house out! Hopefully we can do that soon before it gets too hot!

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Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

Sweet pics!! I'm glad ya'll had a great time!! Hopefully we'll all be well at the next play date!

I love Rylie sporting her new gymbo outfits!! Kendall's are all washed and ready to be worn too! So cute! I just love the bright colors!!