Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Owen's 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday was Rylie's friend Owen's 2nd birthday party! They had a Thomas the Train theme at his house & look at this adorable cake his mom made from scratch!

Owen-the birthday boy! Aint he a cutie??

They had a moonwalk outside & Rylie of course wanted to "jump" right away! Even with the big kids in there, she was not afraid & had a blast!

The kids also loved the bucket of ice water holding the juice boxes! hehe Who knew this could provide such entertainment? Rylie loved diggin out ice cubes & trying to eat them, but I wouldn't let her. hehe

Then all the kiddos came inside to cool off & have cake!

A really bad picture I tried to get of Rylie & Owen together!

Singing Happy Birthday to Owen!

Miss thing heading out with her goody bag, purse, & of course "Mr Meow" (what she's named her Kitty finally who now goes with us everywhere again!). She had such a good time at Owen's party & seeing all of her friends! Thanks for the invite Owen!

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Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

Cute pics. I'll have mine posted soon too!