Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Sick Girl

So our girl woke up still not feeling well this morning. She had a normal appetite though! So we've spent another day laying in bed & watching Veggie Tales!

Around lunchtime her fever finally broke! She then wanted to watch "Finding Nemo!" Her Daddy got her a little Nemo stuffed animal at the Disney store this past weekend, so she wanted to hold it while watching the movie. Notice the white flip flops she's wearing? She's insisted on wearing them the past 2 days, even laying in bed. She fell asleep wearing them last night too. Funny thing is-these things were just some cheap old flimsy sandals from Walmart for $7 I bought months ago for her to wear around the pool this Summer! She always chooses these to wear every day now! I'd let her wear them out & about if they weren't so flimsy, but if they make her feel better to wear around the house when she's sick, go for it girl! (The last time she was sick, she insisted on wearing her pink polka dot butterfly sandals & even had to sleep in them! lol) She truly is a shoe lover!

This afternoon we had a few people drop some things off. First Rylie's bff Kendall put some S'more Goldfish & an Ariel notepad in our mailbox to help Rylie feel better! Rylie was so excited & got to talk to Kendall on the phone & say "thank you!" She'd never had those Goldfish before & loved them! Kendall's just getting over feeling bad too so once Rylie's better she'll have to get Kendall some goodies!

Then her friend Cady stopped by & dropped off her Kindermusik certificate & goody bag from Miss Sandy since she couldn't go yesterday. We're so glad to see improvement already with Rylie feeling better. Tomorrow Mimi's coming over to play & see her, so looks like she'll be back in playing mode by then!


Rosie said...

You have got the quirkiest little girl. ha ha!

Becca - said...

Awww, I'm so glad she liked her goodies!! Smores Goldfish, in bed, with a Movie has got to make anybody feel better! he he

Julee Casey said...

Hope she is feeling better. Charlotte has been asking about her. Miss you girls.... can't wait to come home.... to a home!! :)