Saturday, May 8, 2010

Old School Saturday-Prom & Graduation

So I got this idea from a blogger friend, Malinda who used to do "Flashback Fridays" & decided to start weekly posts about events in our lives that happened before we started this blog! I decided to do mine on Saturdays since I dont really post on weekends anyways.

Well, it's currently prom & graduation season! So I'm kicking this off with memories of my senior prom, which was exactly 6 years ago tonight & my college graduation which was exactly 4 years ago tomorrow!

First off-my senior prom! May 8, 2004
Coming out in my prom dress exactly 6 years ago tonight! I looked forward to senior prom my entire 4 years in high school! I went to a small high school & we only had senior proms. Our prom theme was "Walked Out of Heaven: A Fairytale" so most of the girls had big cinderella-style gowns on & tiaras. Even the prom queen had to first take off her decorative tiara to be crowned queen! hehe Before I headed out that night, my brother left me a sweet note saying "Wish I could be there to see you off. Have a fun night...etc" I still have that note saved in my memory book. I thought it was so sweet!

I made the decision early on to not attend prom with anybody I was dating & instead go with a good friend. I knew I wouldn't marry anybody I met in high school & I didnt want to look back on my prom photos 10 years later of me & an ex-boyfriend & feel the urge to rip them up! LOL So I went with my good friend Ryan, along with our whole group of friends so I could look back one day & just have good memories of Prom to show my kids!

Ryan & I opted not to join friends in a limo & just took his car to prom. I dont regret that at all. Limos can be overrated. It was nice having the freedom of being in our own transportation.

Our Prom was held at the Waco Hilton hotel. They catered dinner there as well so we arrived, ate, & then just hung out.

Traditional prom photo! Doesnt Ryan look thrilled?! lol He rarely smiled for pictures!

Ryan & our good friend Johnny who's now in heaven.

Me & the girls! Meghan & Meredith. And yes, we look like an oreo cookie in this picture! lol

My good friend Jonathan & I...err dancing? lol I cant believe I just posted this awful pic of me!

AND RYAN DANCING! haha He's gonna kill me for posting this! We made him do this, so it's not entirely his fault. lol

Prom was a really fun night with my friends & great ending to the 4 years we'd shared together in high school! After the prom at the hotel, we all went to Wendy's for late snacks & then did midnight bowling, which was a ton of fun! I dont have any good photos from that, but I love how my brother (who's 9 years older than me) did the same thing after his senior prom! We never realized the coincidence until after mine & comparing our senior memory books. I already look forward to taking Rylie prom dress shopping for her senior prom & maybe she & her friends will go bowling after their prom too!

And 4 years ago tomorrow I graduated from MCC with my Associates in Marketing/Business Management! Those were such long 2 years & I really didnt think I would make it towards the end, but I did with above 3.5 GPA & given a Marketable Skill Award in Business! I was very proud of myself for accomplishing this in the 2 years while working a full-time overnight job plus a part-time weekend job. It was a very busy time!

My friend Meredith from HS graduated with me. She went on to Baylor to get her Bachelors & I'm so proud of her! We've known each other since middle school!

Official graduation picture!

So hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane! I dont have any pictures of David's prom or graduations, but maybe I'll find some & do a separate post just about his on another Saturday!


Rosie said...

Wow! What a dress girl. Derek actually wanted to take me to the VM prom his sr year, but chickened out. lol. Good thing b/c I didn't have a dress like that!
I like the no bangs look too :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Ha! I love it....great idea for a post:)