Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old School Saturday-Our Honeymoon!

Well since we celebrated our 3rd anniversary Wednesday, I thought I'd do a little look back at our honeymoon this week! We were very blessed to be able to travel to Atlantis Paradise Resort in the Bahamas! I saw Nick & Jessica Simpson go there in a "Newlyweds" episode years ago & thought "I've gotta go there sometime!" So I already had our honeymoon spot picked out before I even met David! haha

We stayed for 4 nights in the Coral Towers located next to the main resort's Royal Towers in the 1st picture (that was actually taken from our room balcony!). The Royal Towers were already booked during the time we went, so I highly recommend booking a trip there very early if you plan to go!
There was lots of private beach, several swimming pools, huge casino, tons of restaurants & little shops, and a few big water slides/play area.

We mostly just walked around looking at stuff & hitting up a few shops. We hung out in the casino a little too.

There was very beautiful scenery all around! There's also a spa & lazy river. We did get a couples massage & I honestly thought it was entirely over-priced. And everything has seriously doubled in price since we were there 3 years ago! lol It's become quite a big tourist place now!

There's also a huge underground aquarium place called The Dig that we thought was really neat. And you can do the swimming with dolphins at the resort as well.

Unfortunately when we were there, we only had about 1 day of great sunshine. It rained about 3 days we were there & couldn't do any ocean/pool activities those days. We also found out when it rains, they close the outdoor restaurants, so we ate at the same few over & over again. lol

Overall, it was great to get away for awhile & relax & it's a really, really nice place with a ton of stuff to do if you've got the money to splurge on this kind of trip. I honestly had a ton more fun on our Florida trip last year & it was about 1/4 the cost! Just wasnt our luck this time! I would like to go back sometime though to hopefully get to experience it a little more than last time, but like I said the prices have doubled since we last went, so I dont see that happened anytime soon! hehe
There are cruises that make stops in Atlantis & you get full day passes to the resort though, so possibly that could be in our future! I'd really love to take Rylie with us if/when we do ever go back because it is very kid-friendly! But I dont want to spend all the money for her to not remember such a big trip, so definitely something for when she's older!


Rosie said...

I know I've told you before but you should consider going to the Sandals there instead. Not touristy and all and so very romantic! Not to mention, it's adult only, so you can have a romantic get away!
I love the pic of ya'll standing in front of the entire resort. Looks like a postcard!

~Shelly~ said...

I cant believe the Atlantis excursion is $145 per person for the cruise. We are going but its still crazy to me. But its the whole reason we wanted that cruise :) I cant wait to go back. Seriously the best place on earth!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Rosie-some friends of mine are goin there in Aug for their honeymoon & the pics she posted of the place are BREATHTAKING! I'd love to go there sometime!

Shelly-I'm not surprised it's that high at all! I really dont think a cruise is our thing. If I'm gonna go back I want the whole experience! One day wont be enough for me! lol

Ashlee McCrary said...

Here's my friends link to the Sandals in Bahamas she's going to this Aug! I'm so jealous! haha (Also linked on my blog list under Blissful Bride Brianna)

~Shelly~ said...

Yea u didnt get to experience the full effect since it rained and since u couldnt enjoy any dirty bananas :)