Saturday, May 22, 2010

Old School Saturday-Isaac's Birth

Well since I just introduced yall to Isaac's new baby brother, I thought I'd do a look back at when Isaac himself was born! He's going to be 5 this August! He's my first nephew (still dont have any nieces yet) & I'm very excited to be his aunt!

Proud new aunt I was!

Cousin Vanessa meeting Isaac in the hospital

Then some family came by the house to meet him-Uncle Leon

Our brother Donald & his wife Allison

Aunt Tressa

Uncle Keith & Aunt Valerie

Seems like just yesterday he was born & I cant believe he's about to be 5 & (gasp) start Kindergarten! Wow! He's growing to be such a sweet boy though & already a great big cousin to Rylie & brother to Hayden! Before we know it, he'll be graduating high school. ='(

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