Saturday, May 29, 2010

Old School Saturday-Dating Years

I dont remember if I've ever written on here how David & I met, so here's our story & some pictures of our early days!

David & I met on May 2, 2005 on my first day of work at a local TV station in Waco. David had just started there a month before me & had just moved to Waco from Houston.

I walked into the studio after the 6pm news for a meeting & our eyes immediately met & we both smiled really big!

After the meeting I asked my coworker who was training me who "that guy" was in the meeting & she said "Oh that's David, our audio guy." Apparently David also left that meeting asking another coworker who "the new girl" was!

David & I ran into each other the next day in the breakroom during dinner (our schedules were 2pm-11pm). He was eating leftovers & I had a TV dinner. We talked the entire hour & I remember saying how I had a huge appetite & joked that I would probably eat my future husband out of a house & home! hehe

The next week I switched schedules to the overnight (12am-8am) & didnt see David at work anymore, but I had really liked him so I wrote a note & put it in his box at work one day as I was heading out. I was so nervous! haha

He called me immediately that night! We met for dinner the next day at Panera Bread. I remember that was my first time there because Waco's location had just opened. I remember he had the french onion soup in a bowl because he said he didnt like the bread bowls. I had a caesar salad & chocolate chip cookie & I wouldn't let him pay for mine, even though he tried to! =)

After that we just hung out every once in awhile between our work & sleep schedules & on May 27 we became an official couple! 5 years & 2 days ago! We've had a lot of great days together & now a beautiful family & only gonna have even better days ahead!