Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Class at School!

Rylie moved up a class last Thursday at school! She's now in Early Preschool II (used to be in EP I). She'll now be in this class until she turns 3! Then she'll move into regular Preschool. I know it's only been 7 months since her first day in EP I, but I still had to take "first day of school" picture by the banister! Look at how much she's already changed since October's first day of school!

She had a good day in the new classroom. She loves her new teachers Courtney & Kaylee (Kayla? Oops! Already forgot the other's name! lol) But she talks about miss Courtney all the time & I realy like them too so far. They've already pointed out things the other classroom teachers didnt.

She is still not napping at school, but I think it's hard to get her in the school nap schedule for just 2 days a week. I've tried so hard keeping on that schedule at home, but I'm sorry it's almost impossible to put her down for a nap right at 12:30! She's just not tired yet. We've made it at 1:15 at the earliest. So that's what we'll work on a lot this Summer-earlier schedules.

She was a little upset when I picked her up Thursday afternoon. The only change in her schedule moving into this classroom is the playground times have changed. Now she's outside playing when I go to pick her up & it upset her to see my car pull in Thursday & thinking I was there but not getting her yet. I heard her crying across the playground as soon as I got out of my car. She was fine once she saw me & knew I was actually coming to get her! lol Other than that, she's really happy & still loves school! It's all she talks about & knows all her friends names in her class & she just loves it! She loves the art time, the music time, storytelling, playing outside, & snacks the most.


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Oh my word, she sure has changed. So cute!