Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kendall & Rylie's playdates

Rylie & Kendall have been going back & forth to each other's houses lately for playdates! Becca & I have been trying to keep our girls very occupied these days!

Last Monday, Rylie played at Kendall's house for awhile!

It was only 10am & Kendall's playset was already hot, so the girls sat on a towel on the swing & slide! I think they had more fun that way & thought it was neat!

Rylie insisted on climbing up the "rock wall" part of Kendalls playset instead of using the ladder! Good thing she's already got this down, because we finally ordered Rylie a swingset & it just came in this weekend & has a rock wall on it too. So she'll already know how to climb up it!

Then the girls got in Kendall's playhouse & wanted to make us some lunch!

Isn't Kendall's playhouse ADORABLE?! I LOVE the little terrace cover & sitting bench on the left in the front there! So cute!

The girls had fun peeking their heads out at us! hehe

Then they chilled in Kendall's new foldup chairs! Remember I mentioned last week about goin out & getting Rylie one too? That was after this playdate! Kendall's so sweet & has 2 chairs at her house-1 for her & 1 for when Rylie comes to play (or any other friend) & Rylie picked out the same chair Kendall had at her house for her to sit in-the purple one!

THEN this past Monday, Kendall came to play at Rylie's house! They had so much fun with Rylie's toys in the living room & didnt even make it up to her playroom upstairs! lol They took pictures of each other with Rylie's toy cameras....

And Kendall took some extra pictures too!

Then they wanted to upload them to their blog! hehe

Then they just ran & ran & RAN circles around the stairs! hehe

They were laughing so hard & having the time of their life!

Stopped for a breath....I love how one's holding "Bob" & the other's holding "Larry"!
Yes, they have the same purple shorts on! They both love gymboree & both their mommies are great shoppers & manage to get it at discount (hint-great sale going on now!).

Plotting what to do next....

Looks like Kendall's saying "tag, you're it!"

And they're off again! hehe

Then they took a break from running & did some "crawl chases"!

And rolly pollies on the floor! lol

And finally taking a break on Rylie's couch! It's so nice to have good friends for Rylie to get together & play with! I'm sure she gets bored playing with just me all the time outside of school! lol


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

They are so cute!

Becca - said...

YAY!! I plan to steal these pics too!! I haven't looked at my camera to see if I got any good ones. he he!