Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Casey!

Saturday was my close friend Casey's birthday! She would've been 24 & I'm sure she celebrated in style up in heaven! I have high hopes there is birthday cake up there! ;-)

 Casey & I after 6th grade graduation-May 1998

I havent mentioned Casey on this blog that much since her passing in January 2008. It's not that I dont want to talk about her-I love telling people about Casey! It's just been real hard & you'd think after 2 years I wouldn't cry at the mention of her...but I still do. I mean, she was my best friend for 12 years.

Casey & my sister were bridesmaids in my wedding-May 2007

It's also a lot easier to talk about her now. It's very refreshing thinking of her & how she's oh so happy & healthy up in heaven!

Casey holding Rylie the day after she was born-October 2007
(Our last time to see Casey well)

I have certain things about Casey that I hold on to-like her style. If you notice in the picture above, Casey's wearing a Tommy Hilfiger shirt. She wore Tommy Hilfiger alot. Her & her mom loved that brand & Casey even used to have a bedroom set from TH & for my birthday one year gave me a TH purse that I still have & love! Every time I shop at TH I think of Casey! And now I buy their things for Rylie! Last week I was at a TH outlet store & saw this adorable dress & I immediately thought of Casey. I mean, this dress just had "Casey" written all over it-if it was a shirt version & in the growup sizes. I could so picture her wearing this!

And so I just had to buy it for Rylie! It was just so "Rylie" at the same time & I love that I get to bring some of Casey's style to Rylie because lemme tell ya-Casey girl had some seriously cute style! =) So Rylie wore this dress on Saturday & we talked about Casey throughout the day. I tried to get Rylie's "Happy birthday" song on video, but she wouldn't cooperate.

Casey may have only been with us a short 21 years & she is no longer with us, but she will never be forgotten! Miss you forever, Casey!


EMonaghan said...

Such a nice post from a dear friend!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

A wonderful post! You should do a post on how ya'll met. Maybe you already have...repost then:)

Ashlee McCrary said...

That's a good idea Brittany! Thanks! I'll have to write that post sometime soon-probably this Summer since it's a Summer story! ;-)