Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Swim!

Tuesday afternoon I took Rylie to our neighborhood pool for her first swim this year! I had already planned to take her this week since it's getting hot now & she has a "water" birthday party she's going to this weekend. So I wanted to get her exposed to the pool & get her all excited for the party! (And make sure her swimsuits fit good! hehe) So here she came down the stairs with her hat on like "I'm ready to go!" She was so excited I finally told her to put those white sandals on!

Rylie's friend Jaiden was going too, so we waited for them to get there. Rylie didnt remember the pool from last year I guess & had to check everything out. And she had to tell me there were "thwee stairs" at the pool (2 for slides & 1 to the deep end).

LOVE the butterfly on the back of this suit! I got this suit & hat at Gymboree outlet back in March when they had a big swimsuit sale. Rylie's really into butterflies right now!

When Jaiden got there, he & Rylie took turns going down the slide. THIS was how Jaiden went down! hehe

And here comes Rylie! She'd just sit up all proper with a huge grin on her face the entire time!

Laurie (Jaiden's mom)'s sister Krystil helping Rylie up from the bottom of the slide. Just a wide shot picture to show you Rylie's new favorite slide to go down!

Aww hugs from Jaiden after going down the slide! They had a blast together! Thanks for inviting us to go with you Jaiden! I wish my picture of Maggie floating with her mom had turned out =/ I'm sure we'll be spending lots more hot days here this Summer & you know I'll have a ton more pictures with em! =)


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said... know I love that suit. I have some clothes that came from that line for Savi. But I want the swimsuit now;)

EMonaghan said...

was the water heated? Brrr. I'm such a wimp!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Brittany-check ebay! I dont think there's much left at the Outlet mall from this line, but I always find the other pieces I want on ebay!

Erin-no it wasnt heated. It was cold at first, but once you get in it felt great! It was only upper 80's this day though & since Rylie wasnt IN the water (just running up & down the slide) she started shaking after 30 min so we left early. Now it's already 10 degrees warmer so we plan to go again tomorrow!

Julee Casey said...

JEALOUS!! Love the swimsuit!! The dress in the previous post is too cute. Make Rylie stop growing!! She is looking really mature. :)