Monday, May 24, 2010

AJ's 3rd Birthday Party!

Our friends little boy AJ has his 3rd birthday party this past Saturday! I cant believe he's already 3! His 1st birthday party was Rylie's first party to ever attend & wow, that was 2 years ago now.

I told Rylie Friday night she was going to his party the next day & she said "jump?!" hehe It's what the kiddos love! This party actually was gonna have a water jumper/slide so Rylie brought her swimsuit!

Being brave gettin in there with those boys! She didnt last long tho!

Tryin out the little Nemo pool instead!

The other bouncer (dry one) & Nemo pinata! Can you tell what the theme was?

NEMO! Rylie's just been introduced to Nemo a few weeks ago & just loves all the fish! Hopefully a trip to Sea World's in our Summer plans this year, but we'll see!

AJ, the birthday boy taking his whack at Nemo with little sister Kate lookin on. (She turned 1 back in January.)

Rylie's turn at the pinata!

I think she likes Nemo so much she was afraid to whack him! She just barely tapped him a few times. hehe We plan to have a pinata at her party again this year!

Then she told AJ "Happy birthday to you" & gave him a hug before we headed out. She had such a blast!

Look at that big cheesy grin on her face as we left!

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