Monday, May 31, 2010

Paw Paw

David's Paw Paw hasn't been well the past few weeks. David's mom has been traveling up to Lubbock to visit him a lot lately & we really knew this could be it for him.

Sadly, he passed on Saturday evening. David's mom was by his side thankfully.

We're all very sad that he's no longer with us, yet it's good to think of him no longer struggling or in pain. Could you please include David, his mom, & Granny in your prayers though? Granny herself is having some health difficulties lately too and this is still a difficult loss for our family. We'll miss dear Paw Paw greatly!  We're so glad Rylie & I were able to meet him last July on our trip to Lubbock!

The whole family all in one place last July!

Since Paw Paw's been sick, we've been telling Rylie "we need to pray for Paw Paw because he's sick." And she's been telling everybody "Paw Paw sick. Granny sick. Mimi with Paw Paw." Well, Rylie's friend Kendall was sick a few weeks ago at the same time Paw Paw first got ill too. So Rylie was also telling everybody "Kendall sick." Since Kendall got over her cold, Rylie's been saying "Kendall feel better." So when we tried to tell Rylie that Paw Paw's not with us anymore, she just said "But Kendall feel better!" It's been a little difficult explaining to a 2 year old about how some people get sick & go to heaven & some minor sicknesses get better. We dont want to scare her into thinking anybody who gets sick is going to die, so it's been hard telling her about all this.

I hope you all have had a great Memorial Day weekend though. We had quite a busy one with lots of pictures, so I'll work on posting them this week. Still no word yet on Paw Paw's funeral, but looks like David's birthday plans might be changing this weekend.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Old School Saturday-Dating Years

I dont remember if I've ever written on here how David & I met, so here's our story & some pictures of our early days!

David & I met on May 2, 2005 on my first day of work at a local TV station in Waco. David had just started there a month before me & had just moved to Waco from Houston.

I walked into the studio after the 6pm news for a meeting & our eyes immediately met & we both smiled really big!

After the meeting I asked my coworker who was training me who "that guy" was in the meeting & she said "Oh that's David, our audio guy." Apparently David also left that meeting asking another coworker who "the new girl" was!

David & I ran into each other the next day in the breakroom during dinner (our schedules were 2pm-11pm). He was eating leftovers & I had a TV dinner. We talked the entire hour & I remember saying how I had a huge appetite & joked that I would probably eat my future husband out of a house & home! hehe

The next week I switched schedules to the overnight (12am-8am) & didnt see David at work anymore, but I had really liked him so I wrote a note & put it in his box at work one day as I was heading out. I was so nervous! haha

He called me immediately that night! We met for dinner the next day at Panera Bread. I remember that was my first time there because Waco's location had just opened. I remember he had the french onion soup in a bowl because he said he didnt like the bread bowls. I had a caesar salad & chocolate chip cookie & I wouldn't let him pay for mine, even though he tried to! =)

After that we just hung out every once in awhile between our work & sleep schedules & on May 27 we became an official couple! 5 years & 2 days ago! We've had a lot of great days together & now a beautiful family & only gonna have even better days ahead!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Swimming with Owen & Kendall

Rylie & I met some friends at our neighborhood pool Wednesday! Rylie & I were the 1st ones there & they were late opening the gate to go in, so we waited patiently!

She was like "open the pool NOW people!" lol

When we got in they hadnt turned on the fountains yet which meant the slide wasnt on yet either. It was pure torture for her to sit there & stare at that slide & not be able to go down yet! I tried to distract her by saying "Let's look for our friends! Do you see them?!"

Yay! The fountains are on now! Trying to get a cute picture of her in her swimsuit--that's too small already! Grr! I already bought this suit in a 2T & it was too small, so I raced back to exchange it for a 3T at Carters back in March & now it's already too tight on her! At least we manage to get use outta it this one time.

Yay Kendall's here now! They hadnt seen each other in weeks since they'd both been sick & we've all just been busy!

Then Owen arrived! Arent they just the cutest kids in the world???

I didnt get really good pictures of the kiddos playing & then I didnt have my camera when they all went down the slide. But I thought they were so cute sitting by the side of the pool during Adult Swim (10 min break for the lifeguards every hour).

Splashing & having a ball! Owen looks like he's thinking "Oh geez! These girls!" lol

Splash! Splash! Splash!

We cant wait for our pool to be open full time starting next week!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Slide!

On Monday Rylie got to try out her new slide! The whole set's not finished yet, but Daddy & Craig got most of it done & the slide at least ready for her-which is her favorite part!

Goin up the ladder!

So excited!


Goin back up for another round!

She loves it & went round & round on this slide for an hour! We cant wait to have her friends over once we finish the rest of it!

Taking an H2O break with her new outdoor "summer" cup!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Backyard Toys!

Here's Rylie's finished playhouse (lighthouse)! It's really been done for awhile, but I never moved it to the spot it's at now or taken pictures yet.

Rylie LOVES her new playhouse! She asks to go play outside even more than ever now! (Mommy needs to hit up the $1 store this week to get flowers for her little door flower bed!)

And her little basketball court by her house. I love how this is all setup right out our back door & under the walkway roof to our garage (it's detached) so it stays pretty shaded there!

Mailing some letters in her little mailbox. This girl LOVES checking the mail with Mommy so this is perfect for her to have her own now! We played out in her house all Sunday (when these pictures were taken).

And David spent Sunday putting together Rylie's swingset! We finally got her one from & it came in a few weeks ago. We just havent had a free weekend yet to get on it! David's mom's boyfriend Craig came to help him & they got it almost completed! Lots of fun Summer days ahead!

Monday, May 24, 2010

AJ's 3rd Birthday Party!

Our friends little boy AJ has his 3rd birthday party this past Saturday! I cant believe he's already 3! His 1st birthday party was Rylie's first party to ever attend & wow, that was 2 years ago now.

I told Rylie Friday night she was going to his party the next day & she said "jump?!" hehe It's what the kiddos love! This party actually was gonna have a water jumper/slide so Rylie brought her swimsuit!

Being brave gettin in there with those boys! She didnt last long tho!

Tryin out the little Nemo pool instead!

The other bouncer (dry one) & Nemo pinata! Can you tell what the theme was?

NEMO! Rylie's just been introduced to Nemo a few weeks ago & just loves all the fish! Hopefully a trip to Sea World's in our Summer plans this year, but we'll see!

AJ, the birthday boy taking his whack at Nemo with little sister Kate lookin on. (She turned 1 back in January.)

Rylie's turn at the pinata!

I think she likes Nemo so much she was afraid to whack him! She just barely tapped him a few times. hehe We plan to have a pinata at her party again this year!

Then she told AJ "Happy birthday to you" & gave him a hug before we headed out. She had such a blast!

Look at that big cheesy grin on her face as we left!


Friday afternoon Rylie & I were watching "The Little Mermaid" and I looked down from the couch & saw her laying on the floor with her Ariel doll, holding her hand. Aww!

Too sweet to not take a picture of it!

She LOVES her Ariel! She requests to wear her Ariel shirts almost everyday. She thinks every mermaid is named Ariel (or any red-haired girl for that matter). She walks around singing songs from the movie too.

What's funny is right before her 2nd birthday I was already thinking about her 3rd (yes I think that far in advance) and thought a general "under the sea" theme would be cute. But she wasnt into any of it at that point. I even thought we might be doing a Bob (Veggie Tales) party at one point. Then David said back in January he really wanted to do a Carnival theme party for her 3rd! So we went to a party store & searched online the past few months & had planned out with detail a very cute Carnival 3rd birthday party for her! miss thing is SO into Ariel! So guess what? We've changed her 3rd birthday party to ARIEL!

We'll wait until she's older for the Carnival themed party. So now the planning starts all over! Good thing we plan ahead! We've got til October 16th-when her party will be! Only 5 months away though!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Class at School!

Rylie moved up a class last Thursday at school! She's now in Early Preschool II (used to be in EP I). She'll now be in this class until she turns 3! Then she'll move into regular Preschool. I know it's only been 7 months since her first day in EP I, but I still had to take "first day of school" picture by the banister! Look at how much she's already changed since October's first day of school!

She had a good day in the new classroom. She loves her new teachers Courtney & Kaylee (Kayla? Oops! Already forgot the other's name! lol) But she talks about miss Courtney all the time & I realy like them too so far. They've already pointed out things the other classroom teachers didnt.

She is still not napping at school, but I think it's hard to get her in the school nap schedule for just 2 days a week. I've tried so hard keeping on that schedule at home, but I'm sorry it's almost impossible to put her down for a nap right at 12:30! She's just not tired yet. We've made it at 1:15 at the earliest. So that's what we'll work on a lot this Summer-earlier schedules.

She was a little upset when I picked her up Thursday afternoon. The only change in her schedule moving into this classroom is the playground times have changed. Now she's outside playing when I go to pick her up & it upset her to see my car pull in Thursday & thinking I was there but not getting her yet. I heard her crying across the playground as soon as I got out of my car. She was fine once she saw me & knew I was actually coming to get her! lol Other than that, she's really happy & still loves school! It's all she talks about & knows all her friends names in her class & she just loves it! She loves the art time, the music time, storytelling, playing outside, & snacks the most.