Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

How was yalls weekend? Ours was pretty good...kinda wierd too, but good. On Saturday morning, Rylie & I drove around & checked out our neighborhood garage sale. We usually participate, but not this time. Rylie & I went searching for good finds for her-mostly any outdoor toys & such. We found nothing! Next time we'll get out sooner before all the good stuff's gone. But in the meantime, David did sell our old dishwasher for asking price! We got a new one a few months ago that's so much better! So, brightside to all that. Then we all ran out searching for Rylie a new swingset for the backyard.

No luck on that, BUT we did find her the "Ariel" doll she's been wanting! (The Little Mermaid) So that was another brightside. Now about the swingset, thing is our backyard is funny shaped & small. So we found several we liked & our price range, but they were too long or too wide. SO after hitting up about 4 places, we decided to head home. Here's where things got we were nearing our neighborhood entrance, we saw a white SUV driving crazy. I'm not talking about your typical jerk driver who cuts off someone or turns without using their signal. This person was seriously out of control-most likely drunk or falling asleep at the wheel. Very, very dangerously. We immediately phoned in the sheriffs department & decided to follow this SUV until the police found them. In the meantime, this person (who we discovered was a female) managed to run off the road several times, side-swipe orange barrels near a construction zone, near-missing a parked car & street sign. AND I got it on videotape! So after 20 minutes of following this person, we kinda thought maybe they knew they were being followed-the girl kept driving in circles & was going way way over the speed limit too. Then she pulled off the road into a parking lot. Finally the police arrived-2 cars who'd been trying to find us this whole time. We parked across the street from the white SUV & watched the police question her. Then we watched her fail a sobriety test....badly. And we watched 6 tow trucks arrived to claim the job. And we also watched the police handcuff her & put her in the back of the squad car.

Our view across the street-white suv on the left, 1 cop car behind it, 1 cop car to the right of it & bunch of tow trucks to the right.

Turns out this girl (who by the way was so messed up, she didnt even know she was being followed!) had 2 different license plates on the front & back of her car was charged with a DWI. The police also found a huge bag of hydrocodone pills in her purse next to her in the car. This girl was seriously dangerous at the wheel! So it was a good thing we called her in & got her off the road. Made me look back on the day & realize-if we'd decided to check out 1 more store, or 1 less store & head home early, or if I did run through Starbucks heading back, or made any other different decision with anything that day....we may not have been on the road at that exact moment to see this SUV & call her in. Someone seriously could've been killed by her or she could've killed herself. Just a huge reminder that everything happens for a reason!

Now today was a good, normal day! Rylie & I hung out this morning while David worked at the church. She watched her "Ariel" (The Little Mermaid) while I scrubbed the kitchen, swept, mopped, vaccumed. She's really getting into Ariel now & requesting it more than Bob. She even wore her Ariel shirt today & had her new Ariel doll by her side!

And later today after nap I told Rylie I'd take her outside to jump. She was just wearing her tshirt, so I asked her to go upstairs & get her shorts & shoes off her dresser to go outside. She was up there awhile &I kept asking if she was ok. Then she comes downstairs wearing this outfit! hehe Those are not the shorts she had on earlier & they dont even match, but she kept telling me she wanted "pink shorts" so I let her wear them! And she thought she needed a backwards cap on too!

So we headed out & did a lot of jumping before dinner. Pretty casual day around here. Rylie did have a big milestone though-FIRST FULL DAY IN BIG GIRL PANTIES WITH NO ACCIDENTS! Woohoo!

Hope yall had a good weekend! Drive safely!


Rosie said...

Woo Hoo for a day of BGP!(big girl panties)
Her outfit cracks me up.
And that car story is really scary. You're brave to have followed her as well!! Glad they got her off the road!!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Such a big girl! Good for her. Sucks there are people out on the road that put us and our precious little ones in danger! Savannah got an Ariel doll for Easter and loves the little flounder fish that came with it.

grandma said...

YEAH FOR BIG GIRL PANTIES! way to go Miss Rylie! Be careful following wierdos. Glad you are all safe.