Saturday, April 3, 2010

To Mimi's House We Go..

We'd been telling Rylie all week that she was going to Mimi's house on Friday. So yesterday morning she was so excited, she woke up extra early & was talking about Mimi's house nonstop! She was eager to get going & David had put her in bed with me before he left for work. She apparently didnt want to sleep anymore....or want me to either. She kept pulling my hands up saying "Up Mommy! Peez!" Then handed me "Mommy goggles (glasses)." She also requested a "donup" for breakfast over & over. Well since she was heading out to Mimi's & wouldn't be back for a day I figured I'd treat us to a donut breakfast real quick!

Of course Rylie picked out the "choc-y" donut-her favorite!

Then she was being so impatient waiting for Mimi to come pick her up, so we walked outside to look out for Mimi's car! I'm so excited we finally finished in the yard Thursday night so it's all pretty now!

And look what Mommy got the other day! Snake repellent! hehe

Then Mimi arrived & Rylie was so excited she started jumping up & down real fast! hehe She waved to me & said with sass "Good bye Mommy!" hehe So I had a nice little day off yesterday! David got home early & we had a casual date out to eat for dinner. We went to pick her up today & she didnt even want to go home! She has lots of fun at Mimi's house! Thanks again Mimi for watching our girl!

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grandma said...

Rylie you look so grown up with your "shades" waiting for mimi to get you.