Sunday, April 25, 2010

School Spring Fling & Girls' Night In

Yesterday was the Spring Fling fundraiser event Rylie's school hosted! It benefited the Houston Children's Fund. Sounded like fun so we took Rylie early in the afternoon.

Alllllll she wanted to do was jump! This thing filled up fast though with bigger boys so we decided to take Rylie to look at other things at the event...

There was a book fair inside where Daddy bought her 2 new books!

And there was face painting! She got her 1st face painting done-a flower on one side & butterfly (her favorite) on the other!

She loved the face painting!
There was also a band/DJ, booths a few vendors set up selling things, food, drinks, silent auction, raffle.....

But then Rylie wanted to "slide" on the playground next to the event! It was kinda hot & we told her this but she insisted! It wasnt too bad thankfully.

Climbing up the rail on the playground! Overall, it was an ok event & for a great cause so we're glad we stopped by!

After Rylie's nap David had to work a wedding at his church so Rylie & I planned a girls' night. It didnt quite go as planned. We had to run out to the mall real quick for just a second, but there was bad traffic that delayed us. So we rushed in & out. I asked Rylie what she wanted for dinner & her answer was "Donuk (donut). Strawberry donuk. TWO donuks!" hehe We ended up getting pizza takeout & the place was extremely slow too. So we got home kinda late, watched Ariel while we ate, then she got her bath. She wanted to lay in "Mommy bed" with me so I let her for awhile til Daddy came home. We watched Veggie Tales a little & she was being so sweet & snuggling with me! Ahh I love those moments! Wish I could hold her forever! SO that was our Saturday!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

The butterfly would be my favorite too:) What HS did you go to in Waco? You weren't there obviously when I did this, but I was on the MCC dance team while I was there and performed at some of the local hs peprallies.

Becca - said...

Looks like a fun Saturday!!