Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rylie 2.5

On Monday Rylie officially turned 2 1/2 years old! I feel like we're really in for it now since everybody says it's the later 2's & early 3's that are really hard! But every child is different so we're just sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to see what Rylie does next!

Ok what are you up to now Rylie? Hmm...let's see.....

-You LOVE Ariel!
-You are pretty much fully potty trained. We still have occasionally 1 accident every few days or so. You just love being in big-girl panties & now think all your clothes are called "big girl."
-You would rather skip dinner & eat cookies every night....but you cant little missy! Sorry!
-You still love your bed & have no problems at nap or bedtime.
-Your favorite foods are turkey & cheese sandwiches or lunchables, meatballs, applesauce, yogurt, crackers, bananas, pancakes, cheese toast, cheerios, cookies! You pretty much eat the same stuff all the time but it's what you ask for & like!
-You LOVE to be outside & ask to take your baby for a walk every day! You love just walking outside, looking for airplanes or birds, playing on a playground, jumping in your bounce house, anything outside!
-You still enjoy your school & learn so much! You always surprise us with things you've learned at school!
-You are so funny how into cars you are! You point out cars like our neighbor miss Dee, your friends Jaiden, Kendall, Cady, and cars like Mommy & Daddy, and even jeeps that look like "Gaga's" Jeep!
-You are so social & curious & ask "what's that" for everything!
-You are so sweet & just the best little girl in the world!

Now we're in a bit of a debate on something. Rylie is now 2 1/2 & still in her crib. Her pediatrician said to keep her in there unless she climbs out until she turns 3. She has still never tried to climb out of her crib. She loves her bed & sleeps great in it! We dont need this crib for another baby anytime soon so we have no reason to rush her into a big girl bed. But I feel like she's ready with the recent potty-training. We've just seen her do so well with that & listen to us when we say she cant go potty in her panties. So we figure she'll do good & listen to us when we say "stay in bed."

Here's the thing though-and one of the main reasons we've waited this long to do this-Rylie's room is 1st of all upstairs. Ours is downstairs. If she does get out of bed I'm worried I wont hear her (even with monitors) & she could get into things she shouldnt. The special door knob child-proof things were a waste & she's already figured them out a year ago. Another thing, her bathroom is connected to her bedroom (see picture above) so we'd have to close that off somehow. I dont want her getting out of bed & trying to play with the water in the tub, fall in, crack her head open, or drown! See, I'm already thinking the worst things that could happen!

Sooooo what do the Mommies (and Daddies) out there have for kind suggestions? Should we wait until she's older or give the toddler bed a try? Any tips on the dilemmas above? I've also put a general poll at the top! Thanks for your support!


~Shelly~ said...

Hmm Cammy has these safety doorknob covers that u actually have to grab ahold of the doorknob and turn it from the little holes.. hard to explain. They are a little harder than ours to open even tho ours u have to really squeeze hard to get it open. Id say leave her in the crib longer BUT with potty training that is a different story. Soon enough she will get to the point where she may need to get up in the night to go. I know she is wearing pull ups now but it won't last forever. I cant remember- do u have a door that goes into the bathroom?? If so u could install a lock at the top of the door maybe?
Im sure u would be able to hear/see her with monitors tho. I know when Kinley gets out of bed (if she does) without her even making a sound.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

She as always is a doll with those sunglasses!

So since she is doing so well being potty trained, it does kinda make sense to let her be in the big girl bed so she can also work on it for night time. I definitely understand the worries of getting hurt in the bathroom, but you also don't want to shut it off from her bc then she can't go potty in the middle of the night. Maybe one thing at a time. Figure out a special lock that you install on the door to the bathroom and just focus on the big girl bed. When that is mastered and the newness has worn off, add in the potty training perhaps. Mine isn't there yet, so what do I

Becca - said...

We're not letting Kendall lose until she attempts to climb out herself! I don't blame you for worrying! Good luck! Hopefully you'll get a lot of great tips!

brandy said...

ellis was in a big girl bed by 2.5...never had any problems...and never had any kind of child proofing device on her door. i guess you could do a baby gate??