Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playground Morning with Mommy

I took Rylie to the playground Friday morning to burn off some energy. She woke up excited & asking to go "slide!"

She sat on the swing for awhile at first.

Then went to the little slide first. She remembered what her friends showed her on St Pattys Day! hehe

Then I had her take a picture like we did last year. Look how she's grown since last March!

Then her & I hung out at the top of the slide. She was kinda lonely without her friends there so I got to burn off energy too! lol

She loved the noise this wheel made! Too funny!

Then she got brave & went on the big slide! And after several "one more time's" later we headed home!
After her nap, Mimi came to pick up Rylie & she stayed the weekend over there. Mimi's going out of town for a few weeks so she wanted to get her Rylie fix before she did.

So Saturday David & I drove all over creation to almost every Toys R Us looking for this cute little playhouse for Rylie! It was in an ad for $20 off so we really wanted it now, especially since we hadnt found a swingset we liked yet.

We finally found it & showed Rylie the box Sunday when she came home. It was a rainy day so we couldn't set it up yet. But she was excited about "Rylie house!" She also called it her lighthouse! lol Lots of fun Summer play days ahead!

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Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

I bet she'll love the new playhouse!! Can't wait to see it! Now they both have a "warehouse"/"lighthouse". Isn't it funny the names they come up with?